Here's how you can deal with pigmentation to get a glowing look and be occasion ready

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Here's how you can deal with pigmentation to get a glowing look and be occasion ready  09th September 2022

The festive season is just around the corner! With dresses and outfits being shopped, everyone is excited for the busy times of the year, whether it is a festival or family celebrations. With all this preparation, one must not neglect their skincare.

From the harsh sun rays to constant dust, our skin goes through significant damage daily. All these factors eventually lead to pigmentation. Many people get deeply insecure about spots and areas of the skin that are pigmented. This holiday season, put your best foot forward in skincare and glow with pride!

This blog gives you some tips for dealing with pigmentation and being occasion-ready!

Chemical methods:
It has been a long-held Indian belief that anything chemical harms the skin. While that may be true in certain situations, if used correctly and in the right quantity, these products can give an instantly brighter look to your skin so that you look flawless on any occasion.

1. Exfoliate:
With the daily pollution and sun exposure, it's no wonder our skin looks dull and dreary. The main reason for dull, pigmented skin is this layer of dust and dead skin cells that develop under the skin. Scrubbing and exfoliating is a great way to eliminate this layer and give you glowing, spotless skin. However, get a scrub for your skin type to avoid further damage.

2. Extraction and hydration:
A small, vacuum-like product has recently been available on the shelves of cosmetic stores and has revolutionised extraction. Gently massage your skin with this vacuum to clear all debris and remove all the whiteheads and blackheads from deep within your pores. Use intense moisturisers after this process to retain the skin's natural hydration, and watch how it rewards you with a brighter look.

3. Vitamin C:
Did you know that vitamin C is the key to glowing skin? Fruits like lemons, citrus, strawberries, and blueberries will lead your way to good skin and deal organically with pigmentation. These fruits have an abundance of antioxidants, adding an instant radiant shine to your skin.

4. Sunscreen:
The primary reason for pigmentation is sun exposure. The sun emits harmful UV rays that kill skin cells and causes those dark spots. Liberally apply sunscreen each time you leave the house to have healthier skin in the long term.

Now let's look at a few home remedies to get visible results naturally:

Although artificial methods can help to a large extent to improve your skin, there's nothing that beats lifestyle changes for long-lasting clear, and glowing skin.

1. A good sleep:
The body heals and repairs itself when you get your 08 hours of sleep each night. Often, we overestimate our body's ability to stay awake and pull several all-nighters. This leaves the skin feeling dull and rough. On the other hand, when you're well rested, there's a visible glow on your face that comes from the collagen production and blood flow while you sleep. So, kick back, relax and get your beauty sleep, especially before going for a function!

2. Shorter showers:
A long, warm shower is relaxing to the body and mind, but it has the opposite effect on the skin. It strips the skin of the natural oils produced and can leave your skin dry. The best kind of shower for the skin is a cold or lukewarm one that lasts about 10-12 mins.

3. Honey and saffron:
This combination is the best for hydrating your skin, leaving it feeling soft and fluffy

Take adequate rest, bring discipline to your eating habits, and wash your face regularly, especially after coming home from outside. The good health of your stomach also plays a vital role in maintaining the freshness of your skin.

Your skin greatly depends on your lifestyle and how you maintain your inner health. Have regular full-body check-ups to improve your overall health. Research the best online health insurance for optimum protection and be assured of the expenses involved. Your skin is your personal outfit, and keeping it shining is paramount to having a confident look and being occasion-ready.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.