Six popular myths about health insurance debunked

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Six popular myths about health insurance debunked  15th September 2022

In recent years, the necessity of health insurance has become unavoidable. We have found a cure to many of the earlier incurable diseases with the advancement of medical technology.

However, most of the major surgeries in India cost several lakhs. This is where a health insurance policy shows its magic. Investing in reliable health insurance can give you the confidence and strength to focus on your health without worrying about expenses. But there are several misconceptions about health insurance policies that discourage people who are forced to have a second thought before buying them.

But, what's the reality? Let us look at six major myths about health insurance and debunk them.

1. Health insurance is expensive:
No, it is not! Many think paying a few thousand rupees as a premium every year for a health insurance policy makes it expensive. Have you ever imagined how much major medical treatments cost in India? The average cost of cancer treatment has shot up to INR 10 lakhs. The cost of angioplasty or bypass surgery in case of heart diseases ranges between 2-4 lakh rupees. Similarly, other major surgeries such as hip replacement, knee replacement, or kidney transplant also cost over 4 lakh rupees. Hence, it is wise to pay a few thousand rupees as a premium every year and get a health insurance policy that will cover all your above medical costs than to pay such hefty amounts upfront in one go.

2. Rejection of claims:
Often, the insured does not read the complete terms and conditions of the policy and faces rejection. They may omit necessary information or fill incomplete information in the application form. Some hide information about their pre-existing diseases. Also, a few claims before the waiting period is over and therefore face rejection. You need to understand that claims do not get rejected on baseless grounds. But, it is crucial to investigate the true reasons for rejecting your claim.

3. Processing of claims is time-taking:
The processing of claims does not take much time if a proper system is followed. Cashless settlement is very fast. The bill is settled right at the authorised hospitals at the time of discharge as per the terms and conditions of the insurance provider. Even the reimbursement facility does not take much time for repayment nowadays. The insured must submit proper bills and support documents, and the claims are processed in a few days.

4. Health insurance does not cover pregnancy or day procedures:
A myth is that health insurance policies do not cover pregnancies, maternity care, or day procedures such as chemotherapy. There are specific policies with some terms and conditions to cover such medical treatments. There may be a waiting period before the policy provides cover. Some policies allow the patient to avail the policy benefits even if they are not hospitalised for 24 hours or more.

5. People with pre-existing diseases or senior citizens cannot get a health insurance policy:
Insurers nowadays cover most diseases after some waiting period, usually four years. The insured should tailor specific policies for their situation in such cases. Also, insurers offer health insurance coverage even to senior citizens over 65 years of age. As per IRDAI, health insurance policies can be renewed lifelong. Insurers cannot deny renewing the policy on the grounds of the policyholder's age if the premium is paid in time.

6. Health insurance policies are not "portable":
It is possible for an insured to "port" or change his insurance service provider in case he is dissatisfied with it. Also, he can change from one plan to another with the same insurance provider if he meets the required terms and conditions.

A health insurance policy is necessary for individuals in fast, modern life. If you have a family, you can get a cover for all of your family members under one policy. There are many more myths associated with health insurance policies. But like the above myths we just debunked above, we need to debunk them rather than outrightly shunning these policies. After all, it's your life, and you must take care of it, right? Make health insurance policy a part of it.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.