Are you a student going to study abroad? Here are a few essential things you must know

Are you a student going to study abroad? Here are a few essential things you must know  23nd January 2023

Over time, the world has come together to become a global village. Travelling to foreign countries, experiencing their culture, and taking advantage of the best offerings of other nations is more accessible now than it has ever been before, making education and working abroad favourable and highly sought-after opportunities. Many Indian students leave the country to study at international universities and improve their career prospects.

However, changing one's environment and relocating to a new place is a challenging task that requires extensive planning and budgeting. You should also consider purchasing general insurance plans covering yourself against any mishaps that may occur abroad.

With proper research and following the below-stated tips, you can easily plan for relocation to a foreign university!

1. Prep your documents:
Studying abroad requires significant planning, starting with where you wish to learn - the country, the university, and the course. Based on this choice, you will need a valid passport, visa, I-20, Government-issued identity proof, authenticated mark sheets, and more. Initiate the time-intensive process well before your expected departure date from your home country.

2. Make your bookings in advance:
Flight tickets are invariably expensive unless the airlines offer tremendous seasonal discounts. Once your application to your preferred institute and visa is accepted, it is ideal for researching and booking your travel tickets to avail flexible and inexpensive rates about three months in advance. Ensure that you choose an arrival date a few days before the expected start date of your course to allow yourself time to acclimatise to your new surroundings. Similarly, book on or off-campus accommodation in advance to save on inflated prices.

3. Build a network of local students:
Before embarking on your educational journey abroad, look for fellow country students who have been admitted into nearby institutes or courses in the same institute as you. Your institute's office of international affairs can also help you understand the general experience of living in the country and what to expect so that you can plan better. It also helps establish a friendly community you can rely on when you feel homesick.

4. Research on the country's culture:
Arriving in the country without any prior research about its customs, culture, and community puts you on the spot without knowing what to expect and how to deal with situations. While making connections with fellow students can help, do your primary research on the country, its traditions, beliefs, language, cuisine, and attractions to prepare yourself for your upcoming journey.

5. Purchase relevant insurance covers:
While this may seem unrelated while preparing for your studies abroad, it is necessary to remember that most foreign countries have considerably high living costs—adding medical and other expenses that you may incur due to the lack of proper financial planning results in excessive expenditure. Therefore, purchasing travel, health, and relevant general insurance plans is ideal for protecting yourself in unfamiliar situations.

6. Pack appropriately:
Being away from home for extended periods requires adequate packing. However, excessive baggage only adds to your troubles. A quick online search will inform you about the weather to expect, according to which you can pack weather-appropriate garments and essentials. While it may be tempting to overpack, plan objectively to pack the necessities and rely on the local markets for other requirements.

7. Prepare to adapt:
New surroundings always present challenges that you must overcome with time and experience. Since you are stepping into a new place, begin making the preparatory changes required to adjust. Mentally making currency exchange conversions, setting up an international mobile plan, and acquainting yourself with emergency numbers are basic tasks you should fulfil in advance to take on immersive experiences in foreign settings confidently.

New changes bring along thrilling opportunities. Once selected for an overseas university, focus on preparing the essentials like visa application, passport, general insurance plans, etc. Instead of second-guessing your decisions, prepare yourself to discover unique learning experiences overseas.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.