Are you aiming to take basketball as your sport? Here is the guide for you

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Are you aiming to take basketball as your sport? Here is the guide for you  04th June 2022


Basketball is a lesser-talked-about sport in India, but it has seen an increasing number of people investing time in it. The enthusiasm of spectators is overwhelming, making this sport popular. Basketball can be one of the most physically demanding activities. If you are looking to start investing your time to this sport, this article will help you figure out the dos and don'ts of basketball.

1. Buying good shoes:

This is a no-brainer as any sport you play would require you to buy a pair of good shoes. Wearing the wrong size or one with no cushioning can lead to various injuries to the ankle. Buy shoes with proper cushioning and good ankle support while also keeping in mind the shoe's weight. Appropriate shoes are important for basketball players to obtain the optimum leg movement and lift to score baskets.

2. Warm-up:

A good game of basketball can be highly straining and exhausting. Warming up is an excellent way to prepare your muscles and joints for intense physical actions. It also helps reduce the chances of injuries and decreases the efficiency of various body parts. Jogging, jumping jacks, and skipping are some of the best warm-up exercises to prepare you for basketball.

3. Shooting practice:

Basketball is all about getting the ball in the hoop. Shooting from various positions and angles will help you understand the distance and the power you need to throw the ball. Understanding your shooting ranges is vital to ensure you perform well under pressure situations. Start shooting practice within the three-point line and work your way outwards to the half-court.

4. Dribbling:

One common mistake that beginners make is dribbling with their dominant hand. It is important to have command over the ball with both your hands. This is to ensure that in case you are up against a player from the opposing team, you are capable of making a switch between your hands without having to let go of the ball.
During the warm-up, one way to practice this is to try to dribble along the course of your jogging track. Dribble using your dominant hand using the first lap, switch to the non-dominant hand in the next lap and keep switching between the hands in the third lap. Repeating this cycle will ensure a good command over the ball.

5. Jumping:

Be it to defend the ball, collect rebounds, or make a go for the loop, jumping can not be ignored. Various jumping activities such as vertical jump training, jumping jacks, burpees, linear jumps, and rebounding are good ways to ensure flexibility and firm footing. At the same time, stretches effectively increase the height and the general mobility of the entire body.

6. Correct coaching:

Basketball is a team sport and taking note of how your fellow players perform and understanding their skills is vital if you want to improve your techniques. Another benefit of training alongside players is developing a good instinct for the game. It will give you a better insight into the body movements of other players, thus helping you in analysing and predicting the next move. If you intend on taking this sport, training under a coach's guidance will help you understand various tips and tricks associated with the game.

These are a few things you need to keep in mind if you wish to master the game of basketball.
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