Are you an off-road biking enthusiast? Consider purchasing these add-ons

Are you an off-road biking enthusiast? Consider purchasing these add-ons  24th February 2023

Bikes are nothing short of an adventure on two wheels. While they have always been highly preferred in the Indian market due to their convenience, relative inexpensiveness, and ease of learning and riding, bikes are also doubling as a means of thrill providers over the last few decades.

With the varied topographical diversity in India, adrenalin seekers that enjoy motorbiking have found new joy in off-roading. While taking your bike on the road not commonly taken may give you momentary exhilaration, keeping your safety in mind before taking on such adventures is essential. Purchase a bike insurance policy that covers accidents resulting from such extreme sports.

Before getting started on your off-roading journey, consider purchasing these add-on covers to your bike insurance –

1. Engine protection:
The bike's engine is quite literally the heart of the machine. Ensuring it is in excellent condition is essential, especially when taking on challenging terrains. Since off-roading involves steep and rocky inclines, it puts tremendous pressure on your bike's engine. This makes it more likely to break down and leads to high engine repair costs. This add-on provides coverage for all expenses allied with engine repairs and maintenance.

2. Zero depreciation:
Wear and tear is a natural occurrence, and your bike is no exception. Usually, in case of raising a claim, the insurance company only admits a partial amount of the insured sum after factoring in the depreciation costs of the bike parts. However, buying a zero-depreciation cover can help you receive a higher claim amount than in the absence of such cover, making it easier to finance the cost of replacing bike components.

3. Theft of personal belongings:
Unlike regular riding, dirt biking requires special equipment that enhances the rider's safety. Such personal belongings are often expensive and require additional care to maintain. In case your riding gear gets stolen, a personal possessions cover can help you recover the insured sum or the cost of the stolen assets, providing peace of mind and financial security.

4. Roadside assistance:
Breakdowns may be frequent, even for regular bikes used for standard conveyance purposes on paved roads. Harsher terrains inevitably lead to greater chances of bike breakdowns due to multiple uncontrollable factors and mechanical failures. In such emergencies, it is necessary to have a backup plan to rely on. A roadside assistance cover provides reassurance of help in unforeseen conditions, making it a key requirement to purchase.

5. Outstation emergency cover:
The outstation emergency cover is necessary for off-road biking enthusiasts who enjoy long-distance biking adventures away from their residences. Generally, most bike insurance companies state the scope of coverage to be outside a 100-kilometre radius from the place of residence stated in the policy papers.

Can you buy specific bike insurance for your dirt biking adventures?

If you are a beginner to the sport, you may think of purchasing the above-stated add-on covers as a hassle and wonder why not buy an all-inclusive dirt biking insurance policy to protect your bike. Whether you intend to use a regular motorcycle for adventure sports or own a dirt bike, most insurance companies in India do not offer specific off-roading bike insurance. However, you may get comprehensive bike insurance that provides extensive coverage for your bike.

As the activity gains popularity, we expect the Indian insurance industry to adapt to the changing demand and provide suitable security cover for adventure activity. Until then, if you wish to take on the thrilling activity, we urge you to purchase the requisite add-on covers to make your bike insurance policy's coverage comprehensive for your needs.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.