Avoid these body gestures that can leave a negative impression about you

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Avoid these body gestures that can leave a negative impression about you  03th Sept 2022


Body gestures are a great way to communicate and express our feelings in addition to verbal communication. They are a great confidence booster and help us succeed in negotiations and win hearts.

However, not all body gestures leave a positive impact. Sometimes, unknowingly, we may adopt body gestures that may seem inappropriate to others. They may interpret a negative impression on the people around us and even make them uncomfortable and doubtful about us. As a result, we may lose out on negotiations and contracts due to such negative body gestures.

But, how can you differentiate between positive and negative gestures? Let us have a look at a few of such body gestures that may leave a negative impact.

1. Crossing arms across the chest or behind your back:
People tend to instantly notice crossed arms across your chest, whether you are standing or sitting. It gives an impression that you are annoyed, defensive, stubborn, and not open to communication. Crossing your arms behind your back means you want to cut the communication. Sometimes it also shows your lack of confidence, anger, or nervousness. Avoid these body gestures, especially if you are in the middle of an important negotiation or a meeting.

2. Slouched shoulders:
You should avoid slumping your shoulders or such posture in public. Poor posture conveys that you are irresponsible and lack confidence. People start doubting your ability to accomplish tasks. A straight posture can do wonders in public by giving a strong statement about your personality.

3. Avoidance of eye contact:
Eyes convey messages that even verbal communication cannot. Avoiding eye contact conveys that you are not interested in talking or do not want to associate positively with the person in front of you. It shows that you are not confident and maybe being dishonest.
Also, looking down or staring at your phone while talking to someone leaves a negative impression. It conveys that you are not attentive and don’t want to be a part of the conversation. Always maintain proper eye contact while talking to anyone. It helps to build a positive connection and keeps the person in front of you engaged in the conversation by acknowledging him with constant eye contact.

4. Improper use of objects:
People tend to hold an object in their hands while talking to someone. The constant clicking of a pen or fidgeting with some object in your hand during a conversation or a meeting can be distracting and annoying. Such gestures also show your lack of confidence, anxiety, and nervousness. The best action is to keep the object down or keep holding the pen without clicking it.

5. Proper spacing:
Getting too close to the person in front of you while talking is considered intimidating and disrespectful. It may result in the person in front of you backing off or ending the conversation midway. Always maintain an arm’s length distance with the person you’re talking to, especially if you are strangers or share a formal relationship.

6. Overuse of body gestures:
Overuse of anything is bad. Similarly, if we overuse our body gestures like, excessive use of hand movements can also leave a bad impression in the minds of people around us. It can make us look anxious and clueless. Always have proper control of your body gestures and do not overuse them.

The quicker you understand what gestures are the best for you, the better you will ace your personal and professional communications. Just like how positive body gestures can give you the confidence to tackle all situations, similarly maintaining good health can keep your body energetic at all times. Our well-being significantly impacts postures and gestures.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.