Best hacks to make train journeys cheerful

Best hacks to make train journeys cheerful  19th July 2022

Train journeys can be quite a daunting experience for inexperienced travellers. From bustling crowds on the train, the noisy co-passengers, and the hustle of vendors, it is an adventure all in itself.

The style of travel in the Indian railways greatly differs from other countries such as Spain and Japan since these trains cover longer distances with many stations to halt. Due to this slow nature, train journeys can sometimes get stressful and monotonous. This blog aims to change just that and show you how to make this journey exhilarating and cheerful.

1. Stunning views:
Going for a long journey across the country by railways gives you a glimpse of the best interiors of India. The extraordinary views of mountains, valleys, rivers, and deserts are all sceneries you might not get to see elsewhere. Even the stark differences between the noisy cities and the calm villages can be a mesmerising experience. Try to get a window seat to experience the countryside landscape.

2. Show off your photography skills:
If you're someone who loves to capture moments on camera, train rides are the perfect opportunity to take some swoon-worthy photos. With so many people around and several activities going on, train journeys have so much to offer. Make sure you keep the camera in an accessible range not to miss any memories.

3. Treats and snacks:
Flavourful food is part and parcel of India, and train rides should be no exception. Although the railways have their canteen, the food there might not be up to the mark in terms of taste. It's best to try out different snacks from each state you stop at. It is advisable to trust your instinct with the food, though, because having food while travelling doesn't suit all. Stomach problems are extremely uncomfortable during a train ride, so eat light and less oily. If you have a sensitive stomach, it's best to bring snacks from home to munch on.

4. Be prepared for friendly conversation:
Indians are some of the friendliest people on the planet. One of the most heart-warming experiences is to share life stories with varied people from all different cultures, states, and walks of life on the train. A quick game of cards or other fun activity can help you be friends with your co-passengers and pass your time cheerfully.

5. Books:
If you're not much of a conversationalist, it will be more enticing to take a book with you on the journey and read it as the train is hurtling down the tracks. Looking at the beautiful scenery outside and reading a book can be a meditative experience.

6. Carry your gadgets:
If talking to random strangers about their life does not sound like your idea of fun, you could plug in your earphones and get lost in that movie that you have been meaning to watch for a long time but couldn't get the time. Or you may close your eyes and listen to music that will keep you energetic and sane throughout the journey.

7. Catching up on sleep:
Sometimes, the one thing that gets ignored in the hustle of travel is a good night's rest. Get a comfy pillow and blanket with you and get your sleep. Better the sleep, the better you will be the next morning.

8. Have you thought about insurance:
Although train rides are safe to travel, emergencies and mishaps come uninvited. Investing in personal accident insurance plans is advisable to add a protection layer to your train travel.

Any traveller can attest to the fact that travel is an eye-opening experience. It allows you to broaden your mind and makes you privy to many new experiences. But safety should always be the topmost priority of any traveller. As the uncertainty can be stressful, rest assured by researching suitable personal accident insurance plans and travel without worries.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.