Best motorcycle tips for female riders to have a safe ride

Best motorcycle tips for female riders to have a safe ride  31st October 2022

Riding a motorcycle into the sunset, with the wind blowing on your face, is one of the most surreal experiences to cherish. Previously, this arena was predominantly occupied by men, but nowadays, more women are drawn to the pleasure of riding. However, riding a motorcycle is dangerous for both genders unless the proper measures are considered. Statistics show that motorcyclists face almost 30 times the risk of an accident being fatal than one driving a car.

To have a safe and fruitful experience in driving a bike, here are some tips that female riders should keep in mind:

1. Check your comfort level with the bike:
Female riders must find a bike best suited to them. Many factors must be considered, such as seat height, bike weight, etc. You should be able to comfortably put both feet on the ground while seated and must be able to pick up the bike if it accidentally falls. Make a list of bikes to compare, and research every single one to find your perfect match.

2. Dress appropriately:
Dressing for occasions is very important, but so is dressing appropriately for biking. It is important to remember that every bit of skin exposed might get significantly hurt during an accident. Leather jackets and pants are the preferred outfits when biking and will help face any abrasions. Gloves and boots are other accessories that help a great deal. However, the most essential gear a biker needs is a helmet, preferably a full-face one. If you prefer to wear a half-face helmet, be sure to wear goggles and a face mask.
And, if you are commuting in your Indian attire, you must be careful that it doesn’t mess with your motorcycle’s tyre while in motion.

3. Prevent hair from coming onto your face:
Long hair becomes a hassle for motorbike riders. If it is kept loose and untied, it will move around, causing a distraction to the rider. Also, it might come onto your face, reducing your visibility, and becoming a safety hazard.
Although it’s an excellent alternative to tying your hair in a pony or a bun, this might get uncomfortable under a helmet. The best solution is a low braid, which will give comfort and prevent your hair from getting jostled around and messy.

4. Maintenance is key:
Learning to do basic maintenance is one of the key duties of every motorcycle rider. Learning how to change oil, lube up certain bike parts, or check the tyre pressure regularly are just a few. These skills can be picked up easily by using the internet or simply picking up an owner’s manual.

5. Keep your driving licence and insurance up to date:
A driving licence is necessary for any rider, male or female, before riding the bike. You can apply for a learner’s licence, take the test, and then get the permanent licence issued under your name.

2 wheeler insurance is an essential document to keep handy with you all the time. With the ever-increasing road accidents, it is advisable to keep your motorcycle protected by reliable 2 wheeler insurance against theft, damage, and other concerns that might vent your pockets.

There is always a risk involved in riding a vehicle on the road, regardless of what gender you are. It can only be reduced with abundant experience and remaining cognizant of the road. With an increase in the ratio of female riders, there is a significant boost in the confidence of women who aspire to own and ride a motorcycle. And with proper training and regular riding practice, this can be possible. You must ensure your safety, follow all the traffic rules, keep your 2 wheeler insurance up-to-date, and ride confidently. Happy riding!

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.