Best tips for choosing the right motorcycle for seniors

Best tips for choosing the right motorcycle for seniors  04th August 2022

Many people love riding motorcycles. It's fun, daring, and adventurous. Whenever we talk about bike fanatics, we imagine a young adult riding a motorcycle with cool bike gear, taking a long trip in an aesthetically beautiful location. But, are motorcycles only for the youth?

Senior citizens also love riding bikes. But when it comes to the type of bikes they should go for, you must take care of certain factors given their age, mental conditions, body, fragility, accidental risks, road conditions, driving skills, etc. Are you looking for advice on how to help the seniors in your family take up their hobby while ensuring they stay safe? This blog will provide tips for choosing the right motorcycle for seniors. Let's dive in.

1. Ensuring the body to be fit to ride:
The number of senior citizens' road accidents has been rising worldwide. They are likely to get seriously injured or even die in bike crashes. Senior citizen accidents rose by almost forty percent, and the leading causes are a lack of protective gear like helmets, driving at high speed, and drinking and driving.
All these three reasons are against the road safety regulations, and one must consider this before getting a bike for the senior member of their family. Some other reasons for aged people to be prone to road accidents include vision impairment, sensory delay, reduced reaction time, balance and alignment issues, reduction in brain size, weakness, lack of bone strength, etc.
One must keep these factors in mind before you help the senior citizens hit the road on their own. If there are any such issues, you need to ensure their safety and consider the best options like accompanying them on the exact vehicle, being around whenever they drive, setting limitations of driving if the senior member is comfortable with it, etc.

2. Picking the right motorcycle and getting back to practising:
First and foremost, you must consider all possibilities and risks before going out to get a bike. Safety comes first. You need to purchase a motorcycle that suits and prioritises their driving skills, size, handling capacity, and security.
Some things you need to take care of include their height and weight, which have changed over the years and are still variable. Their size should be enough to operate all the controls and set their foot on the ground so they can control the bike whenever there is a sudden need. Their weight also should be able to handle the body and design of the bike. The weight of the senior member would determine their ability to manoeuver the bike quickly and efficiently. So, you need to ensure that you get a lightweight bike for them so that they can operate and balance it easily, even on uneven terrains. Maintaining bike control is essential for yourself and others on the road.
If not, it can potentially cause dangerous accidents leading to severe consequences. And last but not least, you need to help them plan their itinerary if they choose to go for a trip, and help them practice in a nearby area with decent roads, which would also help a beginner.

Those were some of the best tips for choosing the right motorcycle for seniors. The senior family members have the right and freedom to live their passion of biking and enjoying their retired life. If you are an older person, then just follow the above tips and encourage yourself to set out on short leisure rides or long adventurous trips.

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