Best tips to apply adhesive wallpaper for better results

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Best tips to apply adhesive wallpaper for better results  23rd February 2021


Owning your own home is an extensive process. You explore hundreds of houses, put a lot of thought into remodelling and painting, and invest a ton of money in furniture and appliances that match your home's feel.

The walls of your house hugely contribute to the decoration and the aesthetic you want to create. They bring out the vibe you want your home to radiate. And while you can do many things to decorate your walls like hanging art, using textured paints and patterns, adorning them with home decor items, etc., a recent trend of adhesive wallpapers has garnered people's attention.

Adhesive wallpapers are easily accessible, come in various designs and colours and embellish the decoration of your home within a friendly budget. But applying these wallpapers can be a tricky and messy process.

This blog will discuss the best tips to use adhesive wallpaper for better results.

1. Wipe your walls:
It is good to clean the walls first with a microfiber cloth before applying the adhesive wallpaper. This will remove the dust on your walls and make the surface smoother for better application.

2. Move your furniture:
For correct measurement and easy installation of adhesive wallpapers, move all the furniture, switch covers and other removable outlets. You should make sufficient comfortable space to conduct the wallpaper work efficiently.

3. Layout:
Planning and jotting down the layout makes it easy to understand the space and the amount of wallpaper required to cover the area. You can either start by measuring the length and width of the walls and stick the stripes from left to right or by beginning at the centre, marking the left and right extremes and working your way, one direction at a time.

4. Check:
Once you stick the outline stripes, inspect the walls to check whether they are aligned and distanced equally. Overlapping might result in messy wall decoration.

5. Paint your walls:
Smooth wall paint works well with adhesive wallpapers if you apply satin-type primers. Matte paint becomes challenging due to its firm texture, thus making it difficult for adhesive wallpapers to stick.

6. Tools:
Using the right tools will help you in making the process of applying adhesive wallpapers easy. You can use a cutting knife to cut tricky corners and edges and a ruler to smoothen the rough edges and measure the intricate spots. You can also use a needle for popping the bubbles while sticking the wallpaper.

7. Peel properly:
Peeling the wallpaper must be done correctly. If you peel off the back paper in haste, you risk tearing the wallpaper and messing up the whole pattern and decoration. You can start from the top and work your way down slowly as you apply. Maintaining a steady flow of action and focusing on just your movement is essential.

Now that we have discussed the best tips to apply adhesive wallpaper for a better feel and appearance, it is also necessary to think about the safety of your house. Protect your home against unprecedented situations like fire, theft, or natural disasters, and avoid unwanted monetary stress. You can explore different options and choose the best house insurance in India, which caters to your needs and offers exclusive benefits.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.