Best tips to avoid sleeping while driving during the night

Best tips to avoid sleeping while driving during the night  22nd November 2022

We all must have travelled by road at night, either by choice or due to some emergency. We try to stay awake and attentive while driving, no matter what happens. Then sleep starts taking over. We feel drowsy but continue to drive, feeling strong enough to stay awake with focus. But, this can be a fatal situation for the driver and others on the road.

So how can we avoid sleeping while driving during the night? Let us go through some of the best tips for the same.

1. Do not drive for long distances alone:
Never try to drive alone for over 4-5 hours, especially at night. Always take a co-passenger along who can drive. This has two advantages. Firstly, you can change shifts with him and rest in the middle of a long journey. Secondly, you will have someone to talk to, which will take your boredom away, and you will stay attentive and awake. If you cannot find a friend or a family member to accompany you for the trip, hire a driver and take him along.

2. Do not drive when you are sleep deprived:
Always ensure that you have slept well for at least 8 hours the night before you plan to drive at night. A proper night's sleep keeps you fresh, and you will not feel drowsy when in the driving seat. Sleep deprivation is one of the major causes of making you fall asleep while driving.

3. Park and take a nap:
What to do if you are sleepy but still have to continue your journey because it is urgent? Park your car on the side of the road, and take a nap for half an hour or so. This will do wonders for you and make you feel refreshed, awake, and alert again. Have some water and wash your face to recharge yourself and continue driving.

4. Turn on some music:
Turn on music that you love on your car stereo and hum with the songs. This will keep your mind alert, and you will feel fresh. Music stimulate your brain and keep you mentally awake.

5. Take caffeine and snacks:
Caffeine is a proven stimulant that helps you to stay awake and alert. Take regular coffee or tea breaks during your drive to help you fight drowsiness. Also, you can keep munching something while you drive. Get out of your car, roll down your windows, and take fresh air, coffee, and snacks.

6. Do not drink and drive:
Taking alcohol before or while driving at night seriously threatens your ability to stay awake and drive with focus. It is prohibited, and even one drink will make you sleepy if you have not had a good night's sleep the previous night or are feeling drowsy. You will feel low in energy, start losing concentration and can meet with an accident.

Sleeping while driving during the night can be life-threatening for you, your co-passengers, and even third parties and other vehicles around you. But it can happen to anyone. Sleep is sometimes uncontrollable, but the factors that can make you sleepy are surely controllable. Follow the above practises and have a safe night's journey.

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