Best tips to clean the seat belts of the car

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Best tips to clean the seat belts of the car  21st March 2022


A significant issue prevailing in the minds of drivers and car commuters while driving on the roads is their safety. You should drive safely to avoid the chance of any mishap, as it is rightly said that precaution is better than cure. Wearing seat belts while driving is crucial to lessen the impact of accidents if ever you meet with one. Cars today have mandatory regulations and systems about wearing your seat belts. Many vehicles have alert signs and sounds that do not stop until the driver and the co-passenger have put on their seat belts.

Different types of people might sit in your car. Sometimes, kids might wipe their hands or gnaw on the seat belts, getting them dirty. The dirt and dust might affect the material, and they could begin to smell or have developing infectious germs.

Do you want to clean your seatbelts but find it complex and confusing to figure out how and what ingredients to use? Don't worry. This blog discusses some of the best tips to clean your car's seat belts.

1. Separate the parts:
To clean the seat belts properly, calmly separate the parts without damaging them. You can remove the buckles and other buttons using a screwdriver. Separating the components makes it easier to access the stains or dirty areas and work to make them clean.

2. Pull:
It would be best to pull out the seat belt entirely until it becomes stiff and cannot be pulled anymore. This will ensure a thorough inspection and cleaning.

3. Clip it up:
You can use clamps or paper clips to ensure that the seat belt does not retract back. This helps in easier accessibility during the cleaning process. You can place the clamp near the reel (where the rest of the seatbelt part is stored).

4. Inspect for corrosion:
The steel portions of the seat belt can rust over time. You can use steel wool to polish the steel buckle of the seatbelt.

5. Identify the dirtiest spots:
Use a degreaser and spray it to identify the stains on the seatbelts. After identifying the spots, you can clean them softly, avoiding the risks of damaging the material of the belts.

6. Materials you should use:
Do not use sharp objects for a light dusting of the seatbelts. It may damage the materials causing the seat belts to wear out. Microfiber cloths are your best option for dusting or wiping the seat belts after a proper cleanup using water and detergent.

7. Recommended ingredients for thorough cleaning:
Make a water mixture with distilled vinegar and dish soap (liquid). Vinegar has antibacterial properties and eliminates foul odour. Dish soap cleans the stains and spots gently of the seat belt. The mixture prevents the possibility of bacteria and moulds.

8. Dry the belts:
Let the belt dry before letting it retract back into the reel. If the belt stays wet, it can cause fungus development on the material, leading to infection, bad smells, etc. Leave the car open and let the seat belts dry.

You can use a brush with tiny stiff bristles to remove the stains and sweat spots that require deep cleaning for removal.

Along with cleaning the seat belts and maintaining other parts of your car, a wise option would be to be prepared for unprecedented circumstances. While you can control the cleaning and maintenance process, the possibilities of mishaps are not under anyone's control.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.