Best tips to do daily tasks with convenience after a fracture

Best tips to do daily tasks with convenience after a fracture  28th November 2022

A fracture brings pain and many inconveniences while performing your daily routine tasks. You have to start doing things differently and take help from others to finish your work. A fracture is different from a regular cold or fever, which is cured in just a few days. A normal fracture takes at least 20-25 days to heal, and more complex ones can take several months before you return to normal routine.

Hence, a fracture can be very troublesome if you do not handle it properly. Here are the best tips to do daily tasks conveniently after a fracture.

1. Simplify your daily tasks:
The first thing you should do after suffering from a fracture is to simplify your daily tasks. For example, cooking yourself may mean standing for long hours in the kitchen. It will put undue pressure on your broken bone and slow the healing process. Take help from other family members or your maid in cooking to ease the work. If you are the sole cook, you can start ordering more online for the first few days. You can also buy packed and frozen food and avoid cooking much for a few days.
Similarly, opt for a shower rather than using a bucket for taking a bath. You should use a non-slip mat in your bathroom to avoid slipping and hurting yourself again. You can use a bathing chair if it is comfortable for you. Buy a sponge with a long handle, so it becomes easy for you to scrub your feet and back.

2. Avoid driving:
Do not drive yourself, even if you can, as it will pressure your broken bone. Take a driver, go with a friend, or book a cab to your destination if it is important. Also, opt for “work from home” for a few days rather than going to your office.

3. Dressing-up:
Wear comfortable and loose clothes after a fracture so that it is convenient for you to dress up or change. You can get velcro stitched over the buttons of your shirt if you cannot open or close buttons with your fingers. Opt for elastic in your pants or jeans. Buy a shoehorn with a long handle so that you can wear your shoe without bending much. Also, do not wear heels or uncomfortable shoes to minimise the chances of falling over.

4. Declutter:
To make it convenient, you need to declutter your house and working area after a fracture. You can move furniture on the sides to get a wide walking area. This will help you move easily and also minimise the chances of accidents. Light up your house properly, so you do not trip over things in your way. Proper lighting is essential if you need to wake up at night and move around.

If possible, you can move to the ground floor for a few days to avoid climbing stairs. Do not sleep on a very low bed, as it can be uncomfortable for you to get into the bed. If your fracture takes a long time to heal, you can install handrails near your bed, bathroom, and stairs and hold them for added support.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.