Best tips to help with nausea while flying

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Best tips to help with nausea while flying  13th June 2022


Have you ever felt nauseous and woozy during your flight’s take-off, landing, or while you are up in the air? Or have you felt an aversion to food or beverages during your air journey? If you nod your head in agreement, this condition is called motion sickness. It is a common issue among both frequent travellers and non-travellers.

Dealing with motion sickness becomes challenging for people who travel long distances or have longer durations of flights. They start feeling dizzy and tend to throw up even at the chance of slight turbulence. People with motion sickness issues experience a high level of discomfort, which makes their whole journey experience terrible to put up with.

Travelling while feeling nauseous the whole time is a nightmare. It can also be triggered by anxiety, stress, and panic. And it is very much possible to continue feeling nauseous and sick even hours after your flight. Some symptoms of motion sickness include headaches, nausea, anxiety, palm and forehead sweats, dizziness, fatigue, etc.

This blog will discuss the best tips to help with nausea or any stress during your flight.

1. Book your seat:

Make sure that you pick the right seat while booking your flight tickets. It would be great to select the seats in a stable zone and less prone to turbulence. So, the front wing of the plane is the best option for you not to feel nauseated.

2. Say no to books:

Experts suggest against reading on a plane if you experience nausea whenever you fly. To avoid feeling sick, you need to maintain equilibrium and focus on a horizontal and stable seating position. But while reading, you squint and expand your eyes to read small letters, which ruin your concentration and equilibrium.

3. Eat travel-friendly food:

Monitor the type of food you eat before you board the plane. Avoid having oily and heavy food as it will be difficult for you to digest without any movement. An excessively filled stomach can make you nauseous. Avoid salty food items that trigger dehydration. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated when high in the sky and in drier air.

4. Self-assurance:

It will help if you build a strong anti-nausea mindset. Keep reciting to yourself that you will not feel sick or nauseous. This prepares your brain to think flying is normal and there is no need to fear. You will gain confidence and reassure your body to stay calm, especially during stressful moments. Ask a friend or travel companion to help you when you feel nauseous.

Some other ways to control your nausea are by packing some medicine that aggravates sleep, drinking some ginger ale, acupressure, etc.

We hope that you found this helpful information. While we discussed the best tips to help with nausea during flight, you need to be attentive regarding your health status as well. There is no telling when you might face health distress. To make things easier in such panic health emergencies, you can rely on health insurance.

Start with your research and list all the affordable health insurance plans. Opt for the one which balances all your expectations. It is always a good idea to have a check on your safety measures before flying off or starting a trip.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.