Best tips to overcome your driving test nerves

Best tips to overcome your driving test nerves  02nd January 2023

While buying a car is hectic and time-consuming, learning how to drive a vehicle is a different ball game. We all know that Indian roads are chaotic, and sadly, the strict implementation of traffic rules is lacking. People are ignorant of the traffic rules. The high number of vehicles on the road makes it difficult for the traffic police to control the cars and catch the ones breaking the regulations, thus encouraging the environment of neglect. New learners find it challenging to navigate the roads under such conditions and risk a massive chance of landing in or creating an accident or collision with other vehicles, poles, and bumpers if they are not extremely vigilant.

Considering the above reasons, it is imperative for any potential learner or driver must pass a driving test with good scores or grades to show their understanding and make them eligible for driving on the road.

This driving test examines a candidate based on a written and practical test. Both these tests are focused on your knowledge of the traffic rules and road conditions, situational risks and solutions to avoid any accidents, and a practical display of your driving skills catering to the tasks given by your examiner. This driving test is extensive and essential, which is why many test takers get nervous before the test.

Are you someone who gets the pre-exam jitters that makes you anxious about the upcoming test and interview? Well, do not worry. This blog has the best tips to overcome your driving test nerves. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Confidence is key:
It would be best if you assured yourself that you are ready. You have studied well for the test and practised your driving skills enough times to be confident that you will pass your test with flying colours. You need to be satisfied that you will not be able to take this test until and unless your driving instructor thinks you are ready. So, if you are applying for this examination, you must avoid hyping up the test and magnifying its importance to make yourself anxious. This test will examine your skills in something you have done many times already.

2. Do not tell everyone:
Avoid telling everyone that you are about to take your driving test. Keeping it a secret will help you avoid the millions of tips and techniques people will say to you, and various negative reviews you might come across will make you more nervous and break your confidence. Losing confidence is not something you can risk. So, avoid revealing your test dates and take the pressure off.

3. Never skip your meals:
Skipping your food and having anxiety about your performance on the test is not a favourable combination. It might make you weak or cause a panic attack, which will eventually force your examiner to declare you unfit for the test, and you might have to reapply and go through the hassle again. Therefore, have a light meal, like some fruits, salad, or something which is fulfilling and energetic and does not make you drowsy.

Some other tips to overcome your driving test nerves include:

● Using the washroom before you go in for the test

● Washing your face lightly to wean off the pressure

● Chatting with your driving instructor to create a normal atmosphere

● Not consuming caffeine for a couple of days before the test

● Consider the actual test to be a mock examination

● Carry a jacket in case the exam hall gets cold

● Avoid too much revising on the day of the test

● Arrive at the test centre well in advance to give yourself some time to calm down and understand the procedure of the test

These are some of the best tips to overcome your driving test nerves. Follow them righteously, and you will pass the test with ease. And while we talk about driving tests, we should discuss the necessity of purchasing car insurance too. After getting your driving licence, car insurance is the next essential document you need to drive a car legally. Compare new car insurance rates and consider other factors before buying a policy.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.