Best tips to survive long bus journeys and make them more enjoyable

Best tips to survive long bus journeys and make them more enjoyable  31st October 2022

Have you ever taken a long bus journey and gotten bored? Long bus journeys may sound exciting but are extremely challenging as you need to sit in the same position for many hours, causing boredom and fatigue. Hence, you should be prepared to make your journey comfortable and enjoyable in every possible way. If you're looking for tips to do that, this is an article for you.

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A few tips to make the bus journey more enjoyable and less troublesome are as follows:

1. Opt for a night bus:
A night journey is far more comfortable than a morning one. Bus journeys at night are better due to less traffic and noise, and most importantly you save one whole day.

2. Choose comfort:
Make sure you wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move around in. If it is summer, opt for cotton clothes. During winter, make sure to wear enough warm clothing to keep yourself protected. If you're travelling in an air-conditioned bus, ensure you have blankets or shawls ready in your bag.

3. Keep things handy:
Some essentials like medicines, water, tissues, neck pillows, and socks, among others, should always be accessible to you. Quick munchies or snacks like biscuits, chocolates, dry fruits, etc., can be a great relief to withstand hunger during long bus journeys.

4. Keep an eye on your belongings:
It is extremely important to keep a good eye on everything you carry. Make sure that all your cash is not stored in the same place. Do not keep your handbag away from your eyesight.

5. Entertainment to pass the time:
Long bus journeys can take a big toll on your mood and mental peace, and only keeping yourself entertained and engaged can be the best resort. You should have all the entertainment devices packed beforehand. If you're into reading, carry your favourite book with you. You may also plug in your headphones, get lost in the musical nirvana, and feel every beat excites you as the bus moves.

6. Keep your composure:
Many things at play in a long bus ride can disrupt your peace. For instance, a crying baby, loud music, people, etc. The frustration of a tiring journey can outburst if you feel irritated by these disturbing noise sources. You need to find ways to remain calm and sane.

7. Stay hydrated:
It is essential to keep yourself hydrated throughout the long bus journey. Do not consume a lot of caffeinated drinks, as it can lead to discomfort later. Drinking enough water will help you stay fresh and energetic.

8. Book a sleeper coach bus if possible:
It is preferable to book a sleeper coach bus rather than a seater or semi-sleeper. Sleeper seats are convenient for passengers to travel with comfort and put less stress on their bodies. You can enjoy your small private cabin space in a sleeper bus and feel at home, especially when covering longer distances.

Although a bus journey can be very difficult to sit through, with proper planning, you can make things fall in your favour and, indeed, have a pleasant journey. The roads to beautiful destinations like mountains or countryside, among others, are magnificent in every possible way.

Sitting for long hours can develop boredom, health issues, and fatigue, but with the above tips, you can overcome all the stress and stay enthusiastic until you reach your destination. In all the hassle, it is crucial to prioritise your safety while travelling. As discussed earlier, purchase a good travel insurance by looking for general insurance plans to safeguard you and your belongings during the journey.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.