Best tips you should know while upgrading your motor insurance during renewal

Best tips you should know while upgrading your motor insurance during renewal  02nd January 2023

Motor insurance is a mandatory purchase that helps you safeguard your vehicle and alleviates monetary stress in case severe damages are caused to your car during accidents, collisions, and other unfortunate situations. And if you are aware of motor insurance, you must know about the premium charges, insurance coverage, add-on benefits, claims, etc.

These factors influence your decision to make a final choice of motor insurance amongst the different policies from various insurance providers. And purchasing motor insurance is not just a one-time deal. It requires renewal from time to time to avoid losing on the benefits. You can opt for online motor insurance renewal for a hassle-free buying process.

Are there some important tips one must know about while renewing their motor insurance? This blog will answer all your queries.

1. Browse through other policies:
With the ease of accessibility of the internet, consumers are at an advantage. They can find detailed information about the services provided by various insurance providers, which makes it easier for them to compare and analyse which policies would optimally suit their needs.
The availability of a calculator helps customers to calculate the premium charges of various policies of the same category. It also allows you to compare the benefits of different policies and enables you to decide which insurance provider gives you the best benefits at the best rates.

2. Go through those add-ons:
Additional benefits are definite game changers in attracting customers. Always check the add-on benefits of the policies before you finalise a policy. Zero depreciation cover, engine protector coverage, etc., are some of the add-ons that are definite indicators of an efficient and affordable policy.
These are necessary, especially for luxury cars, which depreciate as the years pass by a massive margin compared to vehicles in other ranges. You can upgrade your current insurance plan by including these add-ons and secure your asset with complete protection.

3. What is your car currently worth:
Knowing your car's current value is essential for you to get compensated by your insurance provider in case your car gets stolen. Being aware of your IDV or Insurance Declared Value helps you achieve the current market value of your vehicle through your motor insurance policy.

4. What happens if you make no claims:
If the policyholder does not claim for an entire insurance period, the insurance providers/insurers provide a No Claim Bonus to them as a reward. This No Claim Bonus is awarded as either a discount of twenty percent after the fulfilment of one policy year or as a fifty percent discount on the completion of five claim-free policy years. Using the No Claim Bonus at the time of your motor insurance renewal can help reduce the price of your premium charges by up to fifty percent as the years' pass.

5. Read all the conditions carefully before upgrading your policy:
We have all heard the "terms and conditions apply" and the warning related to "read all policy-related documents carefully before accepting any upgrade offered by the insurance company. You must go through all the clauses and conditions before renewing your motor insurance policy to be aware of the benefits, the conditions, and the type of plan you choose.
This will help you analyse if you wish to switch your current insurance policy to a new one based on your needs using the "portability clause." You must ensure that all your benefits are intact even after porting your insurance policies to avoid any hassle in the future.

These are some tips for upgrading your motor insurance during renewal. And while we have already discussed the benefits of motor insurance, you can now purchase one at your convenience without suffering through the exhaustion of consulting various insurance providers or their agents. Just opt for the online motor insurance renewal, explore and renew your policy from the comfort of your home.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.