Binge eating disorder: Six innovative ways to control it

Binge eating disorder: Six innovative ways to control it  11th November 2022

With changing circumstances and lifestyles, more people are prone to eating junk and unhealthy foods that can affect their behaviour adversely. Binge Eating Disorder, or BED, one of the most common eating disorders in the world, can tremendously affect your body.

The usual symptoms of binge eating disorder refer to excessive food consumption even when you're not hungry. The risk of Binge Eating Disorder in children and young adults is increasing with every passing day. This makes it a critical case of worry for everyone across the globe. The only optimum solution to this problem is regulating your eating habits. It is always beneficial to keep track of the best health insurance in India. This way, you will be covered health-wise wherever you go.

Let's look at the six practical ways to tackle BED.

1. Do not skip meals:
It is essential to adhere to a strict eating schedule throughout the day. The four-square meals a day are essential. None of them should be skipped at any point. If you skip a meal, you are more likely to have hunger pangs throughout the day.
This can stimulate cravings and give rise to binge eating. If you consume only one large meal throughout the day and binge eat in between, your blood sugar levels will also malfunction.

2. Drink water:
Hydration is one of the important characteristics of a healthy body. Water is essential in decreasing cravings. It helps in reducing overeating and maintaining a healthy weight. With an increase in water intake, hunger pangs will decrease as well. You should always pay attention to your body's call to thirst.
Although the level of water you should consume may depend on many factors, drinking water at regular intervals is a healthy habit to practise. Also, drinking water before meals can burn calories.

3. Practice meditation:
Mindfulness is a technique that involves being aware and fully present in the moment. Through mindfulness, you'll be able to listen to your body better. It is a great way to train your mind to avoid overeating.
It helps you understand what you are feeling and experiencing by making you understand your body better. It will also help you in processing your emotions well. When mindfulness is paired with cognitive behavioural therapy, the results are astonishing for BED.

4. Practice yoga:
Yoga is one of the most effective tools in reducing stress and anxiety in the body. With yoga, your body is trained to be emotionally stable. It involves meditation and breathing exercises that add to the overall development of the body.
It is noticed that people who have undertaken yoga in their lives enjoy reduced levels of stress. This can directly correlate to emotional stability and, thus, a reduction in emotional eating. It can significantly reduce the factors responsible for binge eating.

5. Clean the clutter:
The more organised your kitchen looks, the better. Take a day out of your schedule to eliminate all the extra clutter in your kitchen. Throw all the junk food away and replace it with healthy alternatives like fruits, vegetables, and nuts. It will clear your mind and make you more attentive toward healthier food items. Your surroundings will no longer trigger you, and you'll refrain from overeating junk food.

6. Work out for a while:
Physical exercise is highly crucial to your body. It can prevent binge eating to a great extent. Therapy alone cannot help BED patients. When paired with physical exercise, things get significantly different and better. Any physical exercise like swimming, running, biking, jogging, or playing sports can reduce binge eating. It is a step towards a healthier lifestyle.

Keep all the above pointers in mind when tackling Binge Eating Disorder. If you can follow these correctly, you can recover from BED. The battle is long and arduous but not impossible. Regardless, you should also consult with the best health insurance in India beforehand to keep you safe and secure and manage your finances well in any emergency.

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