Business owner's guide to make their shops and stores safe for customers

Business owner's guide to make their shops and stores safe for customers  26th October 2022

Owning a business is a challenge, but with the right mindset and efforts, you can make the most out of it. Whether a small store in a quaint locality or a well-known brand with multiple branches, it takes time, capital, and decision-making to scale a business and generate profits. Irrespective of the nature and size of the business, an essential feature is customer service for its growth.

Whether a service provider or goods dealer, most of the business' work relates to relations with outsiders. Whether directly or indirectly, most businesses benefit from strong connections with suppliers, dealers, and customers. Since these stakeholders frequently visit your business premises, it is necessary to make your store safe.

Purchasing public liability insurance in India is a practical investment to prevent your business from shouldering the burden of injuries and damages to third persons on your business premises. Coupled with our tips to make your shop safe, you can guarantee the safety of customers visiting your office or store.

1. Security supervision systems:
Installing an effective and advanced security system is key to securing a store. This includes CCTV cameras outside to capture the exterior for any suspicious movement and abnormalities. Inside the store, these cameras should be placed at junctions to give a complete view of the shop. This prevents burglary attempts and also helps identify mishaps at the earliest.

2. Automated door and window sensors:
Automatic sensors on or near entry points like doors and windows are necessary to prevent unnoticed entry into the store. Additionally, they also help limit access to risky areas within the store. For example, specific storage space or cold room should be out of bounds for non-employees. The easiest way to ensure this policy is by setting up systems that instantly alert the proprietor.

3. Practical stocking of goods:
If you run a store dealing in goods, displays are essential to your store layout. If stocked improperly, customers risk getting injured due to falling goods. You must settle these cases at the earliest. Ensure your employees are well-trained to prevent such situations.

4. Hazardous goods in the store:
Depending on the nature of the business, you may have to store some hazardous substances like chemicals, manufacturing, or electrical parts intended for sale but of risky nature. It is essential to place them at a height that is not accessible to children. For added security, take cautionary notice around such goods to alert customers of potential risks.

5. Maintaining hygiene:
Keep your stores safe for customers. This includes regular cleaning to prevent slipping, sanitisation to avoid infectious diseases, and to provide a safe experience for them. Wherever required, ensure that anti-slip mats are placed and that any wet aisles have precautionary notice boards nearby.

6. Parking and storefront safety:
Parking areas and storefront space are also included within the limits of your place of business. While the above mentioned methods can keep customers safe inside the store, these external areas should also be accounted for. Ensure that the parking space is well-lit with clear directions. Wherever possible, use tactile pavements instead of smooth pavements or slopes to prevent customers from slipping in unfavourable weather conditions.

While there are some tips you can follow as extra precautionary methods to make your store safe for customers, the first thing you must consider is purchasing public liability insurance in India. It covers damages and injuries caused to a third-party or third-party property on the insured's business premises. It eliminates the liability on a business to compensate for accidental mishaps, which may take up huge bills. Public liability insurance in India is a valuable option that limits a business' liability to outsiders when damages happen by accident.

Practice these tips and make your shops a convenient and safe place for customers to enjoy shopping while being at peace. The better you serve your customers, the best outcomes you will get from your business.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.