Can accidentally misfuelling your car be a potential threat

Can accidentally misfuelling your car be a potential threat  25th February 2023

Motor insurance is a boon that provides vehicle owners security against the financial burden of mishaps that occur to their cars. While it offers several inclusions, acts classified as contributory negligence do not fall under the policy's scope of coverage.

One such act is misfuelling your vehicle, which unfortunately happens frequently. If you find yourself in such a situation, here's all you need to know.

Case 1: Potential dangers of petrol in a diesel car.
Gasoline in a diesel car is a solvent for low lubrication and could damage the fuel pump. Metal pieces from the broken pumps could cause more problems with the fuel delivery system.

What to do: Avoid turning the key and igniting the engine.
The tank must be emptied, with all tainted fuel removed and replaced with a new charge. You can only turn it on after that.

Case 2: Threats of diesel in a petrol car.
Because the diameter of the diesel fuel filler cannon is often larger than the slot of petrol cars, refuelling a petrol car with diesel fuel is uncommon. However, in such situations, the engine doesn't start, and the exhaust severely smokes while running.
The spark produced by spark plugs is what drives a petrol-powered car. Diesel can clog the candles and the fuel system when you fill it up and start the vehicle. It can lead to misfires, smoke, and possibly even a motor failure.

What to do: Don't turn on the ignition and refuel the tank.
Use a specialised additive that clears diesel traces from the fuel system if you fill the petrol tank with diesel in any amount. Furthermore, it matters how much diesel has dispersed throughout the car's internal components after entering the gasoline tank.
It is advised to do a complete tank drain and then fill the entire tank with gasoline. If less than 2 litres have been added, there will be no issues. Obtain assistance from a professional who can remove and clean the gasoline tank if the diesel content exceeds 5% of the tank capacity. Once completed, you can start the car and drive it further.

If your car is already running.
It is advised to drain the fuel tank and refill the fuel system with fresh gasoline before starting the car. If you're driving when you realise, stop as soon as possible. To eliminate the contaminated fuel, it is imperative to flush the tank. Replacement of the gasoline filter is essential in each scenario.

How can the risk be reduced?
No one purposefully fills their tank with the wrong fuel, yet many individuals do so even though the filler size varies for the two fuel types. The type of fuel used on each car is noted, typically on the tank cap and the filler cap as well. Before beginning to refuel, always double-check the type of fuel!

The repair cost may increase depending on how much-contaminated fuel is in the fuel system. You should always be careful to avoid such incidents, and if it does, you could incur significant repair costs.

One of your most valuable possessions, your car, needs to be protected because repairs are expensive. The best way to protect yourself is to purchase motor insurance, which offers several advantages that can increase your safety and safeguards your finances in the case of an accident.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.