Can you buy two-wheeler insurance without inspection

Can you buy two-wheeler insurance without inspection  26th December 2022

As per the Motor Vehicles Act, every vehicle owner in India is legally required to purchase insurance. It is a compulsory prerequisite that serves as a preventive mechanism to protect the owner from losses from accidents and damage to the bike. Despite the mandate, many two-wheeler owners shy away from purchasing a policy due to the lengthy process and inspection.

While it may seem like an additional step in the process, inspection is an essential part of the conventional insurance procedure that makes the insurer fully aware of the bike’s condition before accepting to insure it. However, two wheeler insurance online India has become a popular and convenient alternative that facilitates comparison between different policies and allows one to skip the inspection altogether.

Why is an inspection necessary?

Buying an insurance policy is a prudent move on the owner’s behalf. It protects them from any financial losses due to accidents or damages. However, insurance companies also require comprehensive information about the insured vehicle. A physical inspection helps identify the present state of the two-wheeler and whether it complies with Government issued legal guidelines.

The process scrutinises the physical condition of your bike and its documents like PUC certificate, service records, etc., to prevent insurance fraud. This helps the insurer gauge its value and expected life, which helps determine whether they should insure your vehicle and the premium amount.

The inspection may also discover unnoticed issues with your vehicle that you can resolve before it leads to an accident.

Is inspection before insurance mandatory?

Although important, inspection is not a mandatory process. If you buy two wheeler insurance online India, you can skip the inspection by providing basic details of your twowheeler on your preferred insurance company’s website. Usually, it takes a little while postapplication for them to send your bike insurance policy.

Requisites for an inspection-less insurance.

When applying for two wheeler insurance online India, you may notice that different insurance providers have different procedures. While some may use factors like brand, period of use, model, etc., others may only ask for registration details. Typically, the process involves declaring details such as:

● Period of use

● Place of registration

● Record of previous claims

● PUC certificate

● Vehicle registration number

● Maintenance records

● Previous policy details

Circumstances when an inspection is unavoidable.

While two wheeler insurance online India is convenient, requires minimal effort, and eliminates the need for inspection, in some situations, it is inevitable to go through a check, such as

● When your previous policy lapses:
2-wheeler owners need to renew their insurance before the policy lapses or the 30- day grace period expires. During this time, when the vehicle is not insured, accidents or damages may have gone unrecognised, due to which insurers compulsorily inspect the vehicle before approving its insurance.

● When modifications are made:
Ideally, the vehicle should be left untouched without any aftermarket modification to its factory-fitted components. When modified, it becomes necessary to inspect the 2-wheeler to ensure that the additions do not adversely affect the basic functionality of the bike, which can lead to mishaps in the long run.

● When the 2-wheeler is second-hand:
Second-hand vehicles, while being cheap, are essentially weathered vehicles. They possess greater risk than new bikes and therefore need to be inspected after the ownership is transferred before altering the existing policy or purchasing new insurance.

● When the 2-wheeler has been in a recent accident:
For vehicles that have recently been in an accident, it becomes necessary to survey the extent of damage to determine its cost of repairs, current value, and insurable value.

Two wheeler insurance online India is a hassle-free way of protecting your 2-wheeler without having to go through an inspection. By following the general guidelines for safe driving and renewing your policy in time, you can easily avoid the inspection procedure

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.