Car insurance background check in India: Why & How

Car insurance background check in India: Why & How  30th June 2022

Insurance is proof of verifying your track record, living and financial status, assets, etc. And if you own a car, having car insurance in India is mandatory. The main reason is to fulfil the interests of your vehicle and how you can safeguard it in case of any accidents or damages. But while this is a consumer-oriented measure that provides financial protection against car damages, the motor insurance company takes stringent background checks before allowing the customer to proceed with the process.

Are you looking for answers as to why and how these insurers perform such checks on potential customers? This blog will answer all your queries and decode the details one by one.

• Insurance companies want to be aware of their customers, their identities, and mandatory details about them to serve their consumers in the best way possible. This also helps them improve their services, which is why they conduct background checks on their customers when required.

• Confirming the consumer’s identity is essential to ensure they are claiming their real identification. This will assure the insurance providers that they are not creating a profile and selling the car insurance to a fake name.

• We all see how scammers these days are getting ahead of the intelligence agencies and finding their way out to fraud people and steal their money, identities, etc. This is why background checks of consumers are essential to verify all their information through government-attested documents. Insurance companies have reported that they receive fake claims for third-party insurance and background checks provide a solution to this issue.

• One of the reasons for conducting background checks is to ensure that their policyholders’ identities have not been stolen through other means such as phone insurance, where the consumers have been scammed into revealing their identities to third parties, which eventually use the information to accomplish malicious tasks and activities.

• The insurance companies must abide by the “know your customer” and local and international anti-money laundering rules and regulations as per government standards. To follow these rules, they need factual information about no criminal activities and involvement, financial scams, money laundering, etc., associated with their customers.

• The background check also involves checking your credit score reports. A good score reflects that you have a good financial status and can repay your bills on time. This acts as proof of your spending habits, money-saving capabilities, etc.

• While issuing car insurance, your motor insurance company looks at your driving history and evaluate your driving record and its details. This assures them that you are a responsible driver and avoid any brazen or rash activities on the road. Such activities might endanger other people’s lives and vehicles on the road and put the road safety protocols at risk.

We hope these factors will help you understand car insurance and insurance companies’ protocols in a better way. Speaking of car insurance, have you considered getting online car insurance? Buying online is the smartest way of investing in insurance. Purchasing a policy from a reputed motor insurance company promises several benefits that protect your car against any damages and prevent you from venting your pockets.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.