Challenges faced by Indian female pillion riders due to side-saddle posture

Challenges faced by Indian female pillion riders due to side-saddle posture  31st October 2022

There are several issues raised when women pillion riders sit in a side-saddle position. Balance is the primary safety concern, amongst others. A significant safety hazard might arise from this posture. The pillion rider must be seated with the two-wheeler balanced between their legs and then place one hand over the driver's shoulder while holding onto the seat with the other.

Side saddling, more often than not, is an unpleasant experience. However, women are inclined towards this positioning because of their choice of clothes or because they feel like they are more in command of their bodies in case of an accident or a crash.

This is an added hassle for long trips and can be dangerous for the following reasons:
● The probability of an accident increases when a female rider moves around and repositions herself.
● Road traffic injury rates increase because of the fall of pillion riders in side-saddle posture.
● Frequently travelling in this position can give rise to severe back and shoulder pains.
● There are numerous ways that rainy weather might cause two-wheeler crashes.

How side-saddle posture affects women?
● With less space for your foot, side saddling can cause muscle soreness and uneasiness.
● Female passengers sitting side-saddle, in particular, typically lack backrests, which causes back and shoulder strain when riding for prolonged periods.

Problems faced:
● The pillion rider cannot equally distribute their body weight across both sides of the two-wheeler. At the same time, in a side-saddle position, the tiniest movements can cause a disbalance, create discomfort to the rider, and may also lead to an accident.
● Women riding as pillion in traditional attire are required to grasp the loose ends of their attire or sit on the loose ends. Both alternatives still provide sufficient space for the clothing to become tangled up in the two-wheeler.
● It is typical for ladies wearing traditional clothing to ride side-saddle because none of the clothing options—saree or skirt—allows for discreet or comfortable seating.
● Additionally, when a piece of long dress fabric gets trapped in a tyre, it increases the probability of various collisions. The two-wheeler will come to a complete stop. As a result, it possibly throws both the driver and the passenger off. The road in front of the pillion riders is only partially visible to them.

A two-wheeler has many advantages, particularly in terms of time savings. More and more people are choosing to travel by two-wheeler, particularly in cities where traffic and congestion are major issues.

However, two-wheelers make up the majority of traffic accidents in India. It increases the possibility of injury to the driver and pillion rider or damage to the two-wheeler. This may result in increased financial distress. That's why it's very important to buy a two wheeler insurance India policy.

It is advisable to avoid travelling in a side-saddle posture, but if it is necessary, then you must take all the precautions needed for a safe ride. Always ensure that you prioritise safety and accordingly use safety measures like a helmet, knee guards, etc., to reduce the impact of accidents if you meet one while riding.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.