Check out these home makeovers tasks on the upcoming weekend

Check out these home makeovers tasks on the upcoming weekend  24th February 2023

A home is so much more than just a shelter. It is where you create memories, watch your family thrive, and compound your wealth. Considering the constantly increasing prices of homes, buying one is a dream that not many accomplish easily. Recognising the monetary and perceived value associated with the asset, it becomes essential to protect your home and personal belongings from unforeseen circumstances like burglary and vandalism by buying home insurance India.

While home insurance India is a periodic investment that satisfies your safety requirements for a specified tenure, the interiors of your house do not fall into the same category. With changing trends, tastes, and preferences, it is inevitable to wish to renovate and alter the aesthetic appeal of your home. However, you may not have the finances to avail the services of professional designers to bring your vision to reality and design your ideal space.

In such a case, fret not! Here are some inexpensive and easy DIY tasks you can take on the weekends to give your home a new look!

1. Entryway systemiser:
The area that greets a visitor upon opening the main door is the easiest way to build a great impression and set the tone for the decor used in the rest of the house. While you may customise it as per your tastes, it is essential to keep it organised to give your home a put-together look. Revamp your entryway with a compact organiser that stores all your keys, sunglasses, and bags. While you may purchase separate hooks, boxes, or frames for this area, consider arranging existing sturdy holders to create a sustainable assorted organiser.

2. Foyer frames:
The room that the entryway leads into, often known as the hall or living room, is the most used space in all houses. It is also the best place to display valuable memories such as photographs, achievements, and sample works of your hobbies and interests. The possibilities for this idea are endless, ranging from minimalistic matching frames to vibrant and funky options in different sizes and shapes.

3. Create an accent:
Often, homeowners feel the need to refresh their homes to complete renovations. However, if you wish to see immediate results and are working on a tight budget or with limited time, an accent wall or furniture may be your ideal solution. Identify a complementary colour to the current colour palette of your home’s interiors and consider options ranging from artwork, accessories, upholstery, furniture, or a wall.

4. Refresh your accessories:
Sometimes, small changes go a long way in creating the desired results. Consider changing minute details in a themed manner to achieve a cohesive effect. This may be by changing your lights to similar-toned ones to set the mood or switching your furniture’s hardware.

5. Switch things up with contact paper:
Contact paper is your rescue if you’re looking for a quick fix to alter your furnishing and flat surfaces’ visual appeal. You can achieve this without fundamentally altering their surface by using contact papers. These decorative materials come in several trending prints and are available in the length you require per your project’s needs.
Simply peel away the backing and stick it to the desired surface. It makes changing the look of your home effortless since it is easy to remove and reuse, making it perfect for renters who wish to personalise their rented homes without going against the rules laid by the homeowner.

When facing time and budget constraints, hanging lights and getting plants are only some of the makeover options available. With creativity and consideration of functionality, you can efficiently use your time, resources, and space to create beautiful additions to your home’s appeal. As you invest your time and energy in home renovation projects, we encourage you to consider purchasing home insurance India, which is an investment in securing your home from external contingencies and protecting your finances.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.