Checklist to change your 2 wheeler insurance online

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Checklist to change your 2 wheeler insurance online  23rd/sup> February 2021


Having two-wheeler insurance helps you during unprecedented financial situations such as accidents, natural disasters, theft etc. A comprehensive plan covers the damages and repairs you might require in the future for your vehicle.

Over time, with new insurers coming to market and new insurance plans taking centre stage, we find ourselves wanting to make a switch. You might be tempted to change your insurance provider or simply want an upgrade.

This article will help you better understand things you need to look out for before changing your two-wheeler insurance.

1. Sometimes, due to a lack of attentiveness from your previous insurance provider, you might want to make a switch. You can look up the renewal process of the 2 wheeler insurance online. Insurance companies provide a hassle-free renewal process.

2. Instead of switching your insurance provider, you can simply upgrade your plans. At the time of renewal, ask your insurance provider to brief you on all the best and updated insurance plans. You can also check online and find the kind of upgrades the company provides.

3. If you need to switch services during your current policy, you can conveniently do that. First, you will have to close your existing policy. Most insurers will refund you with a few deductions. The switching process is generally hassle-free. You are required to submit documents to cancel your old one once the new insurance provider has given you cover.

4. If cost is the primary reason for you to switch, you should first compare the 2 wheeler insurance available online. Sometimes an insurance company may provide you with more cover for a few extra hundred bucks. If that’s the case, you might want to stick with your existing provider.

5. Look into factors like customer service, efficiency, claim settlement ratios etc. This gives you a better understanding of the company and their market ratings. This plays a massive role in choosing the best insurance provider for you.

6. The following documents are to be kept handy in case of a change of insurance provider:

• Identity Proof

• Address Proof

• Registration certificate

• The previous insurance policy document

• Passport size photo

7. While making the switch, don’t forget to look into the add-ons that the new policy provides. Add-ons such as roadside assistance, engine cover, etc., might increase the premium of your insurance, but it also assures prompt and easy service.

This is a comprehensive list of things you should keep in mind while changing your insurance plans. Remember that the insurance providers are there to help. Asking the right questions and understanding all the services your insurance provider is willing to provide can go a long way. With easy access to technology, you can go onto the internet, analyse various options, and choose the 2 wheeler insurance online that suits you the best.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you need to make these decisions before renewing your policy. Since riding a vehicle with no insurance is a punishable offence. Hence researching beforehand should be your priority.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.