Choosing the right itinerary for your road trip to the mountains

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Choosing the right itinerary for your road trip to the mountains  20th June 2022


Mountains are the perfect getaway to spend a few moments in peace and the serenity of nature. The feeling of being high up in the sky amid the clouds and looking at the stunning view is something no traveller wants to miss.

While a road trip to the mountains can be one of the most exciting things to experience, it is a fact that without the proper itinerary, the trip will lose its essence. The unpreparedness will lead to stress and confusion. The following blog gives you information that will help you choose the right itinerary for an exciting mountain trip.

1. Planning every step of the way:

Highlight the areas you want to visit along the way and research the most scenic routes to get there. In the mountains, it’s often about the journey, not the destination. Plan a detailed itinerary, including the dates on which you’ll reach each place, midway stops, and the places you’ll eat at throughout the trip.
Also, marking the highway petrol pumps is essential to avoid the stranded situation in the middle of nowhere. Although the plan should be meticulous, be open to deviating from it to experience something new.

2. Packing the right gear:

Packing the right gear can be a make or break of a trip. Place comfort over style, and make it a priority to pack clothes according to the weather. It can go from extremely cold to hot in a matter of a few days in the mountains, so make sure to get clothes suited to both.

3. Driving the right kind of car:

Mountain roads are notoriously treacherous. Steep and slippery roads are a given, and navigating these roads is a skill. Not all cars are made for such roads, and it is of utmost importance to drive a car that can stay intact on these roads.

4. Food and drinks:

Snacking and road trips have always gone hand in hand. Finding your favourite snack in the middle of a small mountain village is not always possible. Stay as hydrated as possible, and try to stay away from food that might upset your stomach.

5. Get coverage for every circumstance:

Road trips to the mountains came with a lot of risks. It is common to be stranded on mountain passes, waiting for help. It is best to ensure that your car insurance covers the vehicle towed a certain distance and repair cost if something unforeseen happens.

6. Don’t bite off more than you can chew:

It’s never a good idea to overstretch yourself on a trip, especially as dangerous as travelling to the mountains. Do ample research about common health issues faced when going to higher altitudes like heart palpitations and dizziness. Pack appropriate medication in your first aid kit to avoid health scares.
Overexerting yourself can also lead to rash driving and, ultimately, accidents. It’s best to be insured against any hefty medical bills you might incur. Be sure to stay updated on all the documents like car insurance.

A road trip to the mountains can be a therapeutic activity after the constant grind of city life. Breathing good clean air, getting some exercise and the view being a feast on eyes are just a few reasons why city people these days want to retire to a cottage in the mountains and spend their lives there.

However, travelling on unpaved, steep roads of the mountains can be challenging for your vehicle. The little off-roading you do for fun might come with a high cost of damage to your car. It is advisable to purchase comprehensive car insurance or renew if you already have one before your road trip.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.