Climate change is affecting not just the planet, but your home insurance as well

Climate change is affecting not just the planet, but your home insurance as well  24th February 2023

Climate change is the shift in the temperature and weather patterns over a long period. It affects the entire planet by causing abnormally cold conditions in some parts of the earth, while some areas witness extreme heatwave conditions. Some regions are experiencing long dry spells, while others are experiencing devastating floods.

Human activities are primarily responsible for the rapid climate change across the planet. Excessive burning of fossil fuels like oil and gas and irresponsible exploitation of natural resources result in climate change. If you wish to buy home insurance online India to deal with damages due to untimely incidents, here’s how this may directly impact you.

1. Increase in premium:
Some regions of the planet are witnessing a higher impact of climate change and increased natural disasters such as floods, wildfires, deep freeze, rise in sea level, etc., than others. Home insurance premiums have shot up at an alarming rate in such regions. It is becoming very costly for homeowners to buy home insurance online India policy in such areas.
This is logical as the risk of insuring houses in these places and the number of claims is rising. Hence, it is becoming financially unsustainable for insurers to provide insurance services at the prevailing rates. Home insurance premiums have increased by around 10%-12% on an annual basis. This rate varies and is even higher for houses in heavy disaster-prone areas.

2. Rise in the number of inhabitants:
Disaster-prone areas offer inexpensive land, which increases their demand. This results in the increasing population and limited availability of land in disaster-prone areas. However, houses in areas prone to flooding or nearby forests always have a higher risk.
Houses near a forest always pose a higher chance of starting a wildfire by accident. More house inhabitants mean more damage during severe flooding or other natural disasters. These factors influence home insurance policies, their terms and conditions, and premium in areas vulnerable to natural disasters.

3. Difficulty in getting home insurance:
Residents in regions that are witnessing disasters due to climate change are finding it difficult to get their homes insured easily. The probability of damage to their houses is very high because of the topography of their area. For example, rising sea levels due to climate change threaten the existence of dwellings close to the sea shores. Several cities in the world face the risk of extinction by submerging in seawater due to rising sea levels.
Insurers are not interested in insuring houses in such high-risk areas. This makes it difficult for people to get their homes insured, even after shelling out high premiums, which are often unaffordable for the middle & low-income strata. This increases the risk of complete financial ruin in the event of a natural disaster.

Abrupt climate change is catastrophic. It can cause extreme heat or cold conditions, floods and droughts, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Moreover, it can also result in biodiversity loss. Although climate change is inevitable, we can control the pace with which it changes. With the risk of abrupt climate change looming on our heads, the wisest decision in these times is to buy home insurance online India. Opt for comprehensive coverage against damages to the home structure and contents, loss due to short circuits, fire, floods, etc.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.