Complete guide on buying commercial vehicle insurance

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Complete guide on buying commercial vehicle insurance  28th February 2021


Transportation and trading of commodities have never been more accessible than now. Taxis, tractors, cranes, transport trucks, and other motor vehicles have become standard trade methods in various industries. Often, these vehicles operate outside of the commercial space and are subject to many dangers on the road.

Business owners require commercial vehicle insurance coverage to handle these risks successfully. Owners can purchase insurance covering third-party and own-damage claims and get it renewed as and when needed.

Let's get a better understanding of commercial vehicle insurance in general.

What exactly is commercial vehicle insurance?
Commercial vehicle insurance policies protect owners whose vehicles are used for business purposes. There are a variety of vehicles covered under this policy, including delivery trucks, staff cars, food trucks, and more.
The motor insurance policy provides liability and accident coverage and helps you with the payment of damages and medical costs in case of accidents. It will also cover the towing costs if your vehicle breaks down in the middle of the road.
If you're looking for online motor insurance renewal for your commercial vehicle, you need to first ensure the types of vehicles covered by the policy. Additionally, you can cross-check various insurance companies for the best features and premiums. Online motor insurance renewal is beneficial, especially when you are in the midst of day-to-day business activities.

Types of vehicles covered by commercial insurance.

1. Vehicles that carry passengers:
It includes a variety of vehicles that typically carry passengers, such as cabs, rickshaws, school buses, and private buses. Passenger transport vehicles such as taxis and school buses bear a great deal of duty due to the high volume of passengers they transport regularly. Commercial vehicle insurance protects these vehicles from financial ruin in an accident and also protects the passengers they carry.

2. Vehicles for moving goods:
Goods-carrying vehicles are primarily used for transporting goods from one location to another. Because these vehicles are so enormous and loaded with goods, they pose a greater risk. Damages to a third-party car or one's own vehicle, as well as damage to commodities, are covered under commercial vehicle insurance. It all depends on the policy coverage; therefore, thoroughly read the terms of all the plans before making a final choice.

3. Miscellaneous & Special Vehicles:
Aside from trucks, taxis, buses, and cabs, numerous other vehicles are utilised for business or commercial purposes. Special vehicles for mining, farming, and construction, for example, could be among these vehicles. Insurance for commercial vehicles protects the vehicle from any damage or loss resulting from or caused to the vehicle.

Commercial vehicle insurance has many advantages:

• Commercial vehicle insurance can be deducted as a business cost from your income tax.

• Travel agencies, automobile rental services, and other businesses can buy this insurance plan in bulk. This simplifies the procedure while allowing for a cheaper premium rate.

• It covers any losses caused by unexpected events like theft, fire, vandalism, terrorist attacks, and natural calamities.

• It provides additional rewards in the event of a death resulting from an accident.

• No claim bonus is given during policy renewals if there has been no claim throughout the policy period.

• It provides coverage for the litigation and legal bills that have been filed against you.

Your company's financial stability depends on how efficiently your commercial vehicles work and facilitate the business. Businesses must opt for purchasing motor insurance to safeguard their vehicles from all potential risk factors. Online motor insurance renewal is the best option for companies already owning an insurance policy. Alternatively, you may choose to include several optional coverages with your basic plan for some extra fee.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.