Complete guide on buying commercial vehicle insurance online for business owners

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Complete guide on buying commercial vehicle insurance online for business owners  05th Sept 2022


Commercial vehicles are used for transporting goods or carrying passengers, such as a truck or a bus. Their insurance policy is separate from the normal auto insurance policies we buy for private vehicles. Investing in commercial vehicle insurance is now hassle-free, with the exclusive option of buying online. This digital method of purchasing has brought a revolution for business owners to secure their commercial vehicles.

If you're a business owner unaware of the terms and conditions involved, here is a complete guide on buying commercial motor insurance online for business owners in India.

1. Convenient with many options:
An online commercial vehicle insurance policy is meant for business owners who are usually short on time. Buying commercial vehicle insurance online is very easy, offers many features, and will save a lot of your time. Unlike offline channels, buying such a policy online will help you check different companies' schemes. You can easily compare the terms and conditions, coverage provided, and premium amounts of different policies offered by various companies.

2. Cost-effective:
Online insurance channels are an open display of multiple commercial vehicle insurance schemes provided by several companies. Since there is complete transparency in what the policy offers along with the premium amount, the insurance companies quote their best rates to beat the competition. As a business owner, this will benefit you as you can buy the best policy at the most cost-effective rates.

3. Covers third-party damages:
A commercial vehicle such as a bus or a truck can cause serious damage to third parties if an accident occurs. The compensation amounts can be heavy, which can cause concern for any business owner. However, you need not be worried about the damage your commercial vehicle can cause to third parties when you are covered with a commercial motor insurance India plan. The insurance companies cover third-party damages caused by the commercial vehicle in case of a mishap.

4. Legal compliance:
Being a business owner, you will want to be 100% compliant with the applicable laws of the land to operate smoothly. Third-party commercial vehicle insurance is essential by law in India. Non-compliance will result in heavy fines. Existing customers can instantly renew their policies online without wasting time if the due date is approaching.

5. Financial assurance in case of an accident:
It is a rare possibility that you will yourself drive your commercial vehicle. Also, most business owners will have several such vehicles. They will be in the hands of paid drivers who handle your vehicle roughly and without proper care. This raises the chances of an accident immensely. Buying a good commercial motor insurance policy will ensure peace of your mind. In case any accident occurs, the insurance company will take care of the expenses. There will be no major financial burden on you.

6. Comprehensive commercial vehicle insurance coverage:
If you are looking for an insurance cover that will protect you against the majority of risks, go for a comprehensive commercial vehicle insurance coverage. Such online policies will protect you against damages caused to your vehicle by theft, riots, natural calamities such as floods and earthquakes, fire, terrorism, and the entire coverage that a third-party commercial vehicle insurance offer.

7. Exclusions in a commercial vehicle insurance policy:
As a business owner, you should know the damages your commercial vehicle insurance policy will not cover. Such policies exclude damages caused by electrical or mechanical breakdown, consequential losses, damages caused while driving under the influence of alcohol, driving without valid papers, damage while being involved in illegal activity, and intentional damages to the vehicle.

Commercial motor insurance India is extremely important because the owners rarely drive the vehicles themselves and depend upon drivers for their vehicles' safety and security. Also, the vehicles are heavy and big, making them more susceptible to accidents and damage. Business owners should do complete research about the available insurance options online first. They should then go for the best policy that provides complete coverage. This will give them peace of mind with no chances of incurring heavy monetary losses.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.