Complete guide on choosing the best biker jacket to make your riding experience safe and stylish

Complete guide on choosing the best biker jacket to make your riding experience safe and stylish  28th September 2022

Biker jackets are a must-have safety gear for bike-riding enthusiasts. They provide comfort, protection, and safety and help you make a style statement. Originally biker jackets were made from leather since they provided durability and insulation. However, in recent years, textile and mesh jackets have also evolved as good substitutes for leather in making biker jackets.

Here is a complete guide on choosing the best biker jacket to make your riding experience safe and stylish.

1. Safety:
The main function of a biker jacket is to provide the rider with safety and adequate protection in case you meet with an accident. It equips with a protective layer that a regular shirt or a t-shirt will not provide. Hence, go for a biker jacket that is strongly built to withstand the effect of impact or abrasion. Leather scores over textile or mesh in this department as it can withstand the effect of abrasion and will not tear even if you fall and are dragged on the ground.
A biker jacket should have adequate padding to absorb the energy from the impact and minimise injuries to the rider. Biker jackets are made to protect your spine, shoulder, and elbows to reduce the devastating effects of a serious accident. Some jackets are made with hard plastic armour to provide extra cushioning.

2. Durability:
A biker jacket will usually cost much more than your regular bomber jackets due to their build and quality. A biker jacket made of leather will be more durable than jackets made of textiles or mesh. Spending money on safety is a worthy investment, so make the right choice and the best riding jacket.

3. Comfort with the right fit:
A biker jacket should be comfortable and lightweight, along with being durable. Hefty jackets will make you feel bulky and uncomfortable over long bike rides. Correct fitting is crucial so that you feel comfortable in it. You can opt for jackets with removable soft inserts and use them as needed.
The jacket should allow adequate airflow, which will be helpful on a hot day. Also, the collars or arms should not flap while riding but allow the air to flow through so that the jacket does not become a distraction while riding. Remember that your bike and posture will significantly impact the fit of the jacket you need. While a regular, relaxed fit touring jacket can be great on a cruiser bike in which you need to keep an upright posture, the same jacket can be annoying and of poor fit if you have to ride a sportbike in a crouched position.

4. Style statement:
A biker jacket that lacks style is a big no for any biker. Your jacket should be designed such that you can make a style statement wherever you go. Race jackets or biker jackets should be colour-blocked and of vibrant colours to catch attention even from a distance. They should provide you with a sporty look. Some come with metal skid plates on the shoulder and elbow areas and most come with a reflective piping design to make your jacket look more stylish and provide safety.

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