Complete guide to taking cross country trips

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Complete guide to taking cross country trips  13th June 2022


Road trips with your closest friends promise many fun memories and thrilling experiences. But have you thought of taking a cross-country road trip with your travel friends? Cross-country road trips are a fun way to explore the country's diverse and local landscapes. It also leaves space for new additions to the itinerary as you can make pit stops whenever you want to and travel at your own pace.

Planning a cross-country trip involves lots of thought and readiness in all aspects. Physical and mental preparedness is paramount when deciding to plan such extensive journeys. From budgeting to making the itinerary and ensuring the excellent condition of your bike to taking care of your health, the complete road map of your trip should be ready in advance.

In this article, we will take note of a few things to keep in mind before you take that much-awaited road trip with your friends on your bike.

1. Calculate the duration of your trip:

It is essential to calculate how much time you will need to spend on the road to the chosen destination. Depending upon the duration, you will have to decide the number of pit stops you will take and the lodging facility if you plan on halting for the night. Driving non-stop can be tiring, so chalking out the timelines for driving and resting would be an excellent way to give your body some rest.

2. Choose your stops before beginning the trip:

Doing thorough research on the entire route and marking important places to visit is an intelligent way to undertake long road trips. While choosing the places of significance, note other important things such as fuel pumps, public toilets, hygienic restaurants, etc.

3. Booking and lodging:

Booking your lodging well in advance can help you avoid the last-minute panic of finding a place to find good shelter. If you are working with a flexible schedule, look for options on the go. This will give you space for exploring newer routes, and you might stumble upon some hidden gems on the way.

4. Packing and checklist:

It is best to pack light while travelling on a two-wheeler. Since the weather can be pretty unpredictable, choosing bags with rain covers is a clever idea. Add first aid, emergency medicines, sunscreen, and snacks to your travel kit.
Another way to avoid bulky packing is to opt for vacuum packing. Vacuum packing helps in the compression of all your clothes and other essentials. This way, you save space and cut down on the number of bags you need to carry.

5. Preparing your two-wheeler:

Before taking a cross-country road trip, you must take your bike to the service centre. Check for tyre pressure, wheel alignment, brakes, engine performance, etc. Change engine oil if required. Before setting out on the journey, ensure that all your paperwork is in place. Remember to check the batteries and fill the fuel tank before you leave. Another essential thing to note is to insure your bike with 2 wheeler insurance. If you already have, consider getting add-ons such as breakdown assistance, damages due to floods, accidents etc.

A road trip can be enjoyable and one of the most exhilarating experiences if appropriately planned. Keeping a few things in mind and being responsible will add value to your experience.

As mentioned above, your health and bike are essential for your road trip to succeed. Keep a first-aid kit for common medical emergencies during your travel. Also, remember to have a comprehensive 2 wheeler insurance to ensure that your bike is covered and safeguarded against any unprecedented expense you might incur during your trip.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.