Customisation tips to reflect your style through your bike

Customisation tips to reflect your style through your bike  27th March 2023

The rapidly growing two-wheeler market has adapted to the personalised needs of motorcyclists. Riders prefer to make a statement with their uniquely customised bikes that turn heads wherever they go. Once only considered modes of convenient private commute, bikes translate to much more in modern times.

If you wish to apply your style preferences to your bike, you can use several customisation options.

Caution: Check your 2 wheeler insurance policy
However, study your 2 wheeler insurance policy's fine prints to verify if it covers accidents post modifications. Generally, most 2 wheeler insurance providers reject claims raised for bikes that have been primarily modified. This is due to the enhanced risk of accidents from tampering with the manufacturer's original bike tunings.

Considering this general caution, read on to find out how you can customise your two-wheeler to suit your style better:

1. Rear-view mirrors
Rear-view or side mirrors are an integral part of the riding experience. They facilitate traffic visibility which helps make better judgements. These mirrors come in various shapes, sizes, colours, and styles to fit every rider's fancy while being extremely functional!

2. Handlebar
Although subtle, one of the first things that catch the viewer's eye when looking at a two-wheeler is its handlebar. Essential for maintaining posture and a comfortable grip, you can opt for different handlebars to alter the overall look of your bike. Choose between the wide bar of cruisers or narrow to straight bars that allow greater grip for adventurous riding.

3. Grips
If the overall feel of your handlebar is perfect and needs no change, but you wish to add a pop of colour to it, change the grips! Firmly glued on, you may have to force the existing grips off. You may approach a local mechanic for help to pry them off and get a new pair in a different colour, design, texture, or with additional features.

4. Fuel tank pad
A fuel tank pad is a cost controller and prevents the evaporation of your bike's fuel. Such a functional component set at the centre of the bike's chassis can add extra oomph to your daily ride. Choose among a vast range of colours and textures that prevent scratches to the gas tank due to scraping of metal accessories of your riding gear.

5. LED lights
Adding LED lights along the body frame in strategic positions or replacing your head and tail lights with LED variants will make you catch everyone's eye. LED strip lights are a quick fix for the same effect.

Listed above are some customised practices that global motorcyclists use to set their bikes apart from conventional designs we commonly see on roads. Wishing to incorporate personal style preferences across all your belongings is typical. However, when dealing with two-wheelers, it is essential to draw limits to prevent altering the original build and functionality. This helps preserve its efficiency in the long run.

Before making significant alterations relating to shifters, add-on storage racks, etc., one must consider their 2 wheeler insurance policy wordings to stay within its coverage scope. Irrespective of the scale of modifications, ensure that you purchase 2 wheeler insurance to protect yourself against accidents.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.