Dealing with a car breakdown? Here’s what you should do

Dealing with a car breakdown? Here’s what you should do  27th March 2023

Imagine going on an outstation vacation in your car with your spouse and kids, and your car breaks down midway. You come to an abrupt halt, worried and looking for immediate help to safely get you back to your home or desired destination. Things can be worse when your car breaks down in an emergency.

A car breakdown is always a stressful and harrowing experience. It can be disturbing, especially when you are on a highway. It can leave you helpless and stranded, with usually no assistance in sight for a long distance.

Does this thought scare you? Fret not! Let us go through a few steps you must follow while dealing with a car breakdown. By implementing them, you can rescue yourself from the chaotic situation safely.

1. Pull off the road
If you feel that your car is taking jerks, or is not responding to acceleration or braking, immediately try to pull your vehicle to the side of the road, away from the running traffic. Do the same if you see smoke from the bonnet or inside your car.

Pulling on the side will ensure you are not stuck in the middle of the road with a broken car. It will provide you with some space to look into the breakdown and get it repaired. Also, it is the best action for your safety and your co-passengers.

2. Put on the emergency brakes
Put on the parking or emergency brake when your car is stationary on the side of the road. This will prevent your vehicle from moving forward or backward while repairing it. Be extra careful while parking your car on a hill or a slope. You should turn the steering, so the wheels turn away from the road. Place some bricks or a similar barrier to prevent your car from rolling forward or backward.

3. Switch on your hazard lights
As soon as you have pulled up on the sides, switch on your car's hazard lights. The vehicles approaching the road will know you are stationary and will not line up behind you.

Turning on the hazard lights is extremely important if your car has broken down on a highway. There may not be proper streetlights, and the other vehicles on highways move at high speed, causing a risky situation for you. The hazard lights will announce your stationary position on the road.

4. Use reflective triangles
Your car has reflective triangles in the back for such emergency use. Take them out and keep them at the back or sides of your vehicle. This will make your car visible in the dark and alert the moving traffic.

5. Look for an assistance
After ensuring that you and your car are safe, call the Roadside Assistance number. If you have bought an RSA membership plan, the company will send help to you immediately. You can contact any paid RSA service providers who will also tow your car to the nearest service station for some charges. You can also look for a good car mechanic nearby, ask for his help and get your car started if the glitch is minor. This can be a time-saving and simple solution.

A car breakdown can happen anywhere, anytime, and with anyone. Hence, we should always be mentally prepared for it and take action accordingly. Getting nervous and making hasty decisions can worsen your situation rather than improve it.

You can buy a roadside assistance top-up along with your motor insurance policy which can be immensely helpful in such situations. Choose the motor insurance company that can provide reliable services at the most economical cost and stay tension-free on your drives. Lastly, thoroughly service your car before planning a long-distance journey.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.