Dents are not the only things that can ruin your car’s fresh paint job

Dents are not the only things that can ruin your car’s fresh paint job  16th March 2023

Your car's aesthetics are important to public perception of its value. The first thing that everyone notices about a vehicle is its glossy, shining exterior. For an asset that doubles as a symbol of wealth, it is essential to check car insurance price in India to protect your vehicle against accidents and ensure the upkeep of its exterior appeal.

We all wish to protect our car's fresh paint job at any cost. Most of us believe that dents are the primary cause that ruins them. However, it is not so. Let us look at the factors other than dents that can ruin your car's fresh paint job.

1. Dust:
Dust is a major enemy of your car's fresh paint job. It may contain high iron that causes rusty discolouration and corrosion to the car's paint. Do not rub the dust settled on your car body with your hands or a dry cloth. It may damage the paint and cause scratches. Always wash off the dust with water and soap, and get your car paint waxed to protect it from external damage.

2. Fuel spills:
Often, fuel spills on the car paint while refuelling the car at a petrol pump. This causes permanent damage to its paint. The damage is usually more when the painted panel is not from the factory and has been repainted. Avoid filling your car tank to the brim, so fuel does not drip out. Even if it does, immediately clean it with a soft cloth, so it does not form a permanent stain around your fuel inlet and damage your car paint.

3. Stickers:
Big attractive stickers are available in the market to make your car look fancy and trendy from the sides, front bonnet, or rear. But have you wondered how they will impact your car paint when you remove them? Do not put stickers on your car's exterior, especially if it has returned from a fresh paint job. They have strong adhesives on them and will ruin your car's paint when taken off forcefully. Worse, they may start peeling off by themselves in bits and parts and make your car exterior look ugly.

4. Car covers:
Car covers are made to protect your car's exterior and paint, right? Surprisingly, even they can damage your car's fresh paint job. Car covers made of thick fabric or non-breathable material trap moisture inside them. They can cause rust formation from oxidation in the long run and damage your car's body and paint. Also, a car cover made of thick fabric can cause scratches and ruin your car's new paint job after coming in contact with the dust on your car's exterior.

5. Excessive sun:
Exposure to too much sun also ruins your car's fresh paint job. Excess sun exposure deteriorates the paint quality and starts fading and cracking after a while.

6. Tree branches and road debris:
If you park your car under a tree regularly, broken twigs and branches might damage your paint job. They can cause unwanted scratches and cause the paint to crack too. Road debris can have a similar effect on your car's paint. If you regularly drive through broken roads full of rubble and potholes, there is a high chance that they will clash against the sides of your car and ruin the paint.

Besides protecting your car's paint from external damages, buy car insurance that will provide financial assistance in case of accidents, damages, malfunctioning, or theft. Evaluate car insurance price in India from various companies, and choose the policy that provides you with the best protection at the most reasonable prices.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.