Did you know that you can enjoy a drive-in movie experience without draining your car's battery

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Did you know that you can enjoy a drive-in movie experience without draining your car's battery  05th Sept 2022


The drive-in movie culture has always been popular in foreign countries but has recently become popular in India. These drive-ins provide entertainment opportunities at affordable costs and are a different experience compared to the traditional affairs of watching movies in theatres. Watching a movie with your loved ones, within the comfort of your own car/vehicle, under the spell of the stars and the night sky sounds like a dream.

Now, combine the fantastic experience of the drive-in movie with owning an electric vehicle or any vehicle of your choice. While it all sounds hunky dory, along with enjoying the interiors and familiarity of your car, you need to ensure that your vehicle's battery does not suffer any adverse impacts. Now, why would that happen? Well, most of the time, people keep the air conditioners on, the headlamps on, frequently turning the car on and off, and many other reasons. And, they unknowingly kill the whole drive-in affair!

These components are what make the fun of the drive-in affair! But did you know that you can enjoy a drive-in movie experience without draining your car's battery? Yes, you can. This blog will discuss some tips to help you understand the measures you can take to avoid decreasing the longevity of your battery and depleting the power. Let's get started!

1. Do you need those headlights on?
The duration of a movie lasts somewhere between one and a half to three hours. Keeping your headlamps and other lights switched on can be very draining on your electric vehicle's battery. And if you analyse, you do not need the taillights, and the headlights are always on during the movie.
There is sufficient light in the drive-ins for you to figure out your path and parking whenever needed. And switching off the lights can help you save power to run the car radio optimally, through which you can listen to the movie. The car radio does not substantially impact the battery, so you do not have to worry.

2. What to do about the engine?
You can run your engines for a short while. This would help you charge the battery of your electric vehicle as required. This charge would be sufficient to run the car's audio system to help you gain the optimum movie experience without extreme drainage of your vehicle's battery.

3. Make sure to check the batteries.
Whenever you have a drive-in movie plan, check your car batteries before you head out. If the batteries are old and worn out, they will drain quicker. If you find the battery ready for replacement, get it done. Newer batteries won't drain out as quickly, and you can be far from worrying about the depleting charge. Once you have obtained new batteries, head out for your movies and enjoy the marvellous experience.

4. Portable radio can also be your go-to option.
Usually, drive-in movies use FM radio (Frequency Modulation) to transmit the sound signals from one source to multiple sources. The car's radio helps you tune in to the frequency you can use and then enjoy the movie without any inconvenience. But, this does drain your battery, even in the slightest capacity. To avoid this, you can use portable radios that run on batteries.
Using these options will avoid draining your car's battery. Adding to this list is disconnecting all the additional features and devices like the sub-woofers and the amplifiers from the radio as they would consume more charge and drain the battery during the usage of the radio for the movie audio.

While talking about the longevity and health of your battery, it is also essential to be prepared for any uncertain circumstances that can potentially damage your car. To stay prepared and not be financially pressured during such stressful situations, you must ensure that you purchase the best car insurance that suitably caters to all your needs.

And now, you can buy car insurance online while enjoying the ease and comfort of your home. So, the next time you plan to move out for a drive-in movie or any other adventure in your car, make sure you have car insurance and other important documents handy.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.