Did you know these secret tips to get a window seat on a flight

Did you know these secret tips to get a window seat on a flight  27th December 2022

The majority of air passengers are constantly searching for window seats while flying. While some travellers curl up in the corner and have a good snooze, others choose window seats to take in the clouds and the gorgeous views from the little window. Although the justifications vary from passenger to passenger, everyone still enjoys sitting by the window.

Additionally, one may lean the resting head against the sidewall of the aircraft to provide additional support for sleeping. Comfort is undoubtedly greater with a window seat.

Listed below are some tips for securing a window seat when flying.

1. Request at the check-in desk:
When you get your boarding card, check with the check-in counter staff to see if a window seat is available. The airline staff will accommodate you. Alternatively, check-in at a self-service kiosk and verify the flight's seat availability before printing your boarding card. Select a window seat if one is offered.

2. The cancelled tickets are very beneficial:
If you haven't chosen a seat yet, you may check it at the airport on the day of travel. You can find a seat because some passengers cancel their reservations at the last moment, which allows you to grab your ideal window seat.

3. In the absence of a window seat:
Don't be dismayed if all of the window seats are already taken. Most airlines allow customers to keep managing their reservations. If a window seat becomes available at a later time, you have the chance to switch to the window seat.

4. Consult the boarding gate agents:
You must exercise extreme patience to complete the following hack. Arrive at the airport early and contact the gate agent. Inform them that you would prefer a window seat and ask if they could assist you. The crew and gate officials often ignore that passengers have failed to board the plane until it is too late. If any window seats become available, these people can assist you in obtaining them.

5. When you book, pick your seat:
Most airline websites and booking tools allow you to select a seat when you make your reservation. The majority of the time, this procedure is cost-free. However, certain airlines charge more for reserved seats. When the time for your journey draws near, and you still can't find a seat you want, recheck your reservation to see if anything has changed since then. If you're unsatisfied with your online choices, give them another shot at the airport, either at check-in or at the gate.

6. Once boarding is done:
Wait until the plane doors are shut if you still can't get your preferred seat. You can move to a vacant window seat. Nevertheless, before settling into an empty seat, ask a flight attendant.

7. Ask a passenger for assistance:
Asking another passenger to switch seats with you is not harmful. They probably will be okay with it if they plan to nap during the flight. Manifest a strong desire to sit in a window seat. The other individual will accommodate you if they believe this is your first flight.

Before you pay for your ticket, if it was purchased through a travel agency or over the phone, ask for a window seat. Or, obtain your favourite seat by completing the online checkin process. Also, one must have general insurance coverage while travelling, and getting one may be done quickly and easily online by following a few simple steps. Buy insurance policy online and secure your travel and ensure yourself a happy journey.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.