Do I need marine insurance?

Do I need marine insurance?    28th August 2019

Insurance provides the safety net required to protect the financial integrity of your personal and professional needs. If you are in the business of sending or receiving physical goods from one destination to another, insuring your goods and business interests inevitably becomes your priority. 

Therefore, the simple answer to whether or not you need marine insurance is 'yes'. Read along to understand why that is so: 

What is marine insurance?

‘Marine’ insurance is a colloquially used term for any kind of transport insurance, not just restricted to waterways. Whether your cargo or goods are moving over land, railways, or a combination of multiple transport modes, marine insurance provides cover for any loss or damage to your goods while in transit from source to the point of delivery.

Marine insurance can be purchased by sellers, buyers, and even financiers of the goods. So, whether you’re a small trader, moving materials interstate or a manufacturer sourcing raw materials or a large import/export house, marine insurance can protect your stock against any unforeseen eventualities.

Why marine insurance?

Depending on the mode of transport, distance, size, and value, your cargo could take days or months to get from one point to another. In the interim period, your goods are at the risk of damage due to accidents, improper packaging/ storage, seepage of water, mishandling by personnel and natural disasters such as floods, fire, and storms. They could also be lost due to theft, piracy, or be lost at sea. The carrier, in most cases, cannot be held liable for any damage or loss either. Hence, it becomes imperative to opt for additional security.

All natural calamities and human errors can be covered by marine insurance. There are various types of policies such as valued, unvalued, floating, time, voyage, etc. that you can choose from basis your needs, irrespective of whether the cargo is moving for domestic trade or across international waters.

Magma HDI, for example, provides comprehensive coverage through its Marine Cargo Open Insurance Policy. Whether you are sending a small parcel via airmail or a huge consignment via cargo, Magma HDI has your peace of mind covered.

In some instances, taking marine insurance may be obligatory basis the terms of the shipping or business contract. This helps bring in clarity over service delivery and safeguards the interest of all parties. 

Alternatively, the insurance helps you gain a lot more control over the jurisdiction and language if in case the need for a claim arises. Imagine dealing with an insurer based out of Japan speaking a language alien to you while you are trying to get the information and paperwork through. It can be both time-consuming and exasperating.

In conclusion, marine insurance is extremely pocket-friendly. The premium depends on the value of the goods and the mode of transport. For a fraction of the cost of the shipment, you can secure your peace of mind. In case the need for a claim arises, a dependable insurer like us is just a phone call away.