Drinking Hot Water: Let's understand the health advantages of it

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Drinking Hot Water: Let's understand the health advantages of it  25th February 2021


We have all heard about the wonders of water. From personal beliefs to affirmations by medical science, water is proved to have multiple benefits for the overall development of the human body. It is good for the skin, muscles, and joints. It aids in the absorption of nutrients and helps defend against infections. Experts recommend having at least 8 glasses of water each day, but what if we tell you that out of those 8, if you have a couple of glasses of hot water, it will significantly improve your health.

The benefits of drinking hot water have received scientific attention. Ayurveda also claims that drinking hot water is a simple approach to enhancing one's health.

Drinking water at room temperature can help you feel better, but drinking warm or hot water is known to provide extra health benefits.

Let's look at some of these potential advantages in this post.

1. Promotes digestion:
A glass of hot water to start the morning can aid in the removal of toxins from your body. The hot water will help your digestive system by breaking down any residual food in your stomach from the previous night. If you drink hot water before or after meals, it will assist your body in breaking down food more quickly.
Cold water, on the other hand, whether eaten before, during, or after a meal, will harden any oil present in the dish. This will result in fat accumulation in the gut, which will take longer to digest. Iced water is particularly harmful because the ice's quick chilling process depletes the water's inherent nutrients and minerals.

2. Improves blood circulation:
When you consume hot water, fatty deposits in the body are flushed out. Any deposits that have collected in the adipose tissue are also eliminated. Removing these pollutants improves your body's blood circulation. This will assist you in relaxing your muscles and improving your overall well-being.

3. Helps with constipation:
Many of you may have experienced constipation at some point in your lives, and it can be quite unpleasant. The tension and bloating you're experiencing is caused by dehydration. Beginning the day with a glass of hot water before breakfast will improve bowel function.

4. It helps you shed that extra weight:
When you consume hot water, the abrupt spike in temperature causes your body's temperature regulation mechanism to wake up. To compensate for the hot temperature, the body reduces your internal temperature.
This entire procedure boosts the efficiency of your weight reduction attempts by activating your metabolism. As hot water also aids in constipation, you lose some water weight caused due to bloating.

5. Helps you release toxins:
Drinking hot water also stimulates the endocrine system. Sweating and the discharge of toxins via the skin are caused by this stimulation.

6. Relaxes you muscles:
Drinking hot water aids in muscle relaxation by increasing blood flow.

Remember that you should avoid drinking water close to boiling. It's advisable to take a modest sip before taking a big mouthful to prevent burning your tongue and oesophagus.

Now that you know how drinking hot water can do miracles for your body, it's time to adopt the habit. If you are a college student or an office goer, make it a practice to carry hot water in a thermo-steel bottle and consume it throughout the day.

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