Early risers vs. night owls – Which sleep style is healthier and more productive

Early risers vs. night owls – Which sleep style is healthier and more productive  16th November 2022

REM cycle (Rapid eye movement cycle), melatonin, biological clock, etc.- these are the terms we have all heard when decoding the type of our sleeping schedules and whether or not it is the right choice for our mind, body, and overall health in the long run. Most of us tend to work or study late during the night and thus develop the tendencies of what one may call “being a night owl.” And we are sure that most parents, especially in India, do not favour such schedules, which might cause havoc on your health. But have you wondered how such lifestyles affect different aspects of our day and what effects they might have in the future?

Being in the prime of your life, you have the potential to bear the worst of the consequences. But have you ever researched more about how the sleeping schedules that you have currently or had in the past affected your current habits? Does being a night owl wreak havoc on your health? Are early risers the golden people of our age?

This blog tends to bring different influencing factors which will help you settle the debate to understand which sleep style is healthier and more productive. Let’s get started!

1. Let’s understand the WHY:
It is essential to understand why you are an early riser or a night owl to decide which sleep schedule fits your needs. Your circadian rhythm, usually known as an individual’s biological clock, tends to vary from person to person. If your circadian rhythm is on the longer end, you are a night owl, and if it’s on the shorter end, you are an early riser.
Now, you must know that your circadian rhythm can change throughout your life- which is how you can change your lifestyle by enforcing certain habits to make the switch.
Hormonal changes during the adolescent years when puberty hits are one of the leading causes of the variation in patterns of sleep in teenagers – their shift from early risers to night owls can be explained.
While research has proved that night owls are more depressed and run on caffeine which eventually does more harm than good, other studies have demonstrated night owls to be more focused as the day progresses compared to the observations made about the early risers.

2. Sleep patterns:
It is seen that the early risers sleep better since they have defined sleep patterns, have regular periods of sleep, and tend to be flexible, happier, and healthier individuals as compared to the night owls, who seem a little groggy due to undefined sleep schedules. The circadian rhythms of night owls are very different from the usual body clock, which becomes more active during the later part of the day (usually at night).

3. Productivity:
Studies have proved that early risers display higher productivity and lower levels of depression compared to night owls. The people who wake up early are more successful in their personal and professional lives than those who are identified as night owls.
Night owls have shown a more increased risk of being susceptible to physical and mental health issues due to disrupted sleep schedules. They might suffer from weight and blood pressure problems, poor diet choices, and get addicted to caffeine and alcohol.

You can shift to the choice which seems likely to be helpful for you in the long run, especially considering your health since we all know that “health is wealth.” Given the factors discussed above, early risers seem to have a considerable advantage in all aspects of their lives. And it’s never too late to make the switch!

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