Eat the following food to treat an upset stomach and feel better

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Eat the following food to treat an upset stomach and feel better  28th March 2022


Food is an integral part of our culture. It indicates the preference of the local people, the staple ingredients, and the cooking style belonging to different cultures. It has also become a source of happiness for many people who are passionate about cooking and exploring various cuisines and taste palettes from around the globe.

However, unfortunately, being a foodie comes with the risk of stomach issues. The most common reasons are consuming stale food, overeating, acidity, allergies, etc. These can lead to an upset stomach, derailing your daily schedule, and cause you to rush to the doctor if it turns severe. So how can you treat an upset stomach?

This blog will discuss food items you can consume to treat an upset stomach and feel better.

1. Liquids:
One cannot stress the importance of consuming liquids, especially when facing stomach-related problems. Drinks like lemon water, buttermilk, light fruits juices, etc., can provide the required nutrients and minerals to your body without carrying out the digestive process. Liquids get digested easily and usually do not have any side effects. They will make you feel light and refreshed.

2. Bananas:
Bananas are highly recommended when suffering from an upset stomach. They nourish your body with potassium which you might lose due to diarrhoea or excessive vomiting. Bananas are bland and are easily chewable and digestible, thus improving your gut health.

3. Broths and soups:
Plain broths or soups have high salt content. Thus, the combination of liquid and salt keeps your body hydrated in case of excessive loss of water and nutrients. They are digested quickly, and there is no chance of nausea or acidic reflux.

4. Coconut water:
Coconut water is miraculous in making you feel better. It replenishes the water content in the body and refreshes you from within. It is rich in vitamin C and contains potassium (electrolytes) and natural sugar. Gastroenterologists prescribe coconut water to their patients for a healthy stomach and gut.

5. Toast:
Toast eliminates the chances of acid reflux. Its blandness makes it easy to digest and get energy. Avoid applying butter, jam, or any other spread, and eat fresh toast.

6. Rice:
Rice is known to have a soothing effect on your stomach. Apart from that, it is also easily digestible and rich in carbohydrates, which provide a lot of energy when broken down during digestion. Rice doesn’t induce or trigger acid reflux, making it easy for your gut to digest it. Eating curd rice is one of the best ways to deal with stomach pain or infection. It is easily digestible plus dials down any inflammation or burning.

Other foods to consume when dealing with an upset stomach are:

• Ginger tea

• Chamomile tea

• Bland crackers

• Applesauce

• Oats

• Squashes

• Unsweetened yoghurt

Always avoid food items that are oily, fat-rich, or contain insoluble fibres like lentils, seeds, nuts, dairy products like milk, cheese, butter, etc.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy