Effective guide to ace your skills in city driving

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Effective guide to ace your skills in city driving  05th Sept 2022


Car driving is a skill we want to ace throughout our lives. It is a constant learning process, and with practice comes perfection. There is no definition of the best car driving skills, but the more we do it, the better we will be at it.

Let us take you through a practical guide to ace your skills in city driving.

1. Know your car inside out:
You need to know your car inside out to master it. Every car's clutch, brake, and accelerator have a different feel. Familiarise yourself with it so that you can adjust yourself accordingly. Nowadays, gear position varies in cars from different companies.
The position of the reverse gear often changes with models, and some cars have six or even seven gears instead of the usual five gears. Know how your car's gears work, so you are fluent in changing them, especially while driving through heavy traffic.

2. Get used to your automatic car:
Automatic cars don't have a clutch. New drivers of automatic cars tend to push the brake, thinking it to be the clutch, especially while driving through traffic. This will bring your car to a sudden halt and put you at the risk of being banged by the vehicle right behind you.
If you have an automatic car, practice driving it on empty roads in the surroundings of your house. You will soon get used to the missing clutch and learn how to drive it skillfully through the busy roads.

3. Get your seating position right:
An appropriate seating position is necessary if you want to ace your city driving skills. Present-day cars come with power seats that can be brought forward or backward at the click of a button. If you are short in height, worry not.
These seats come with seat cushion tilt and height adjustment features as well. Recline the seat as per your comfort, and you are ready to go! Moreover, you can also adjust your car's steering wheel. Proper seating posture can make you feel comfortable and do wonders for your driving.

4. Understand your car features:
Nowadays, cars have many features that can leave us puzzled. Go through your car's various buttons and consoles thoroughly to know how to take advantage of the respective features. For example, cars nowadays come with a "parking assist" feature, making parking much easier on busy streets. Use the features effectively, which will improve your driving experience.

5. Maintain adequate distance:
Ensure that you maintain adequate distance between yourself and the car in front of you while driving through busy city roads. In case the car in the front stops suddenly, you should have a sufficient gap to apply your brakes and stop in time without crashing into the vehicle in front.

6. Use your rear-view and side mirrors:
Rear-view and side mirrors will show you exactly what vehicles are behind you, and you can adjust your direction and speed accordingly in the city traffic. Moreover, these mirrors are very helpful while backing your car and changing lanes.

7. Follow traffic rules:
Last but not least, follow traffic rules! Simple rules like giving an indicator while turning and not using your phone while driving can make you a much better driver in the city traffic.

The above tips will help you ace your city driving skills effectively and make you a better driver. City driving is a challenge, but with the right mindset and following the traffic rules strictly will help you effortlessly glide through the traffic.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.