Effective tips for dealing with nausea due to long winding roads

Effective tips for dealing with nausea due to long winding roads  27th March 2023

Hill stations are among the most loved destinations for peace-loving and nature-friendly travellers. The sight of hills, lush greenery, and clouds surrounding us amid the freshness and chill of the mountains is always breathtaking. The roads leading to the hills are also ornamented with scenic beauty and visual delights to die for.

However, the roads to the hills are often long and winding and can cause nausea and motion sickness. Our stomach starts to crunch, and our head starts spinning. We start feeling unwell, gloomy, and dull, and the fun soon fades away.

But wait, we've got a fix for this issue! Let us go through some effective tips to deal with nausea due to long winding roads.

1. Eat light
Make sure you eat light food before you start for a long ride up the hills. Avoid dishes with excessive ghee, butter, and oil. You don't have to stuff up until you are full. Take a basic, light meal so that it gets digested easily.

It is also not advisable to skip a meal before such a journey. An empty stomach can disturb you during your journey and trigger motion sickness. However, avoid drinking too much fluid, such as milk or fruit juice, before you start.

2. Take the front seat
Take the front seat while you travel on long winding roads if you are prone to nausea and motion sickness. You will look straight at the road in front of you while sitting in the front seat and not just focus on the steepness of the hills and the zipping scenery on your sides.

Also, you will have the door handle to hold, which can be comforting. You will be in control of yourself, and your body will not flip with every turn your car takes, helping you to avoid motion sickness and nausea.

3. Talk and distract yourself
Nausea and motion sickness often come when we continuously think about it due to fear and concern. One of the best cures for it is to indulge in constant talking and chit-chatting with your fellow passengers. It will keep you busy and distracted and take your attention away from the treacherous and winding roads.

Play good music in the car to keep your mind engaged and jovial. Do anything that makes you forget about the journey uphill on the winding roads, and you will triumph.

4. Fresh air
Make sure your car is well-ventilated on long, winding roads. Roll down your windows every now and then and allow fresh air to come in. It will take care of your nausea. Do not rely much on your car AC. It will not allow the stench to pass if someone has already puked, making you feel worse.

5. Medication

There are several medicines available in the market that help to reduce nausea. Take it before you start your journey, and it will block your urge to vomit. These medicines also contain sedatives that will help you to doze off during your journey and help you to tackle motion sickness and nausea.

The only way to reach the highest of hill stations is to take that terrifying journey across the long, winding roads, as no train or flight will take you there. Hence, follow the above tips if you are prone to nausea and motion sickness during such journeys, and you should do well.

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