Effective tips to make your house a pet-friendly place

Effective tips to make your house a pet-friendly place  11th January 2023

The joy of having a companion is truly unparalleled. While some are fortunate to have multiple family members, some adopt pets to count on as their extended family and sail through life's journey together. However, irrespective of the type of pet, it is a significant decision that requires tremendous planning, which comes with several responsibilities.

You must think carefully before getting a pet to ensure that you can provide an appropriate home environment which is safe and happy for it. Having a house insurance India provides personal belongings cover to keep your home safe from the shenanigans of your beloved pet.

Additionally, consider the following tips to pet-proof your home while making it a haven for your furry friend!

1. Inspect your flooring:
Carpets are a standard accessory in most households but and are an easy way to sweep things under the rug. However, for this very reason, they may be a terrible addition to homes with pets. They accumulate bacteria and pet hair, making the house dirty and a breeding ground for diseases. Hardwood floors or non-white tiles are alternatives that can keep your home looking clean and prevent the build-up of dander and fur.

2. Keep fragile items and antiques away:
Adopting a pet may seem like an activity with only fun involved until you see the sacrifices and additional effort required. Before you get your pet home, ensure that you stash away all your fragile and high-value items for the long term in high locations. This way, you can prevent the possibility of damages that are bound to happen as your restless pet explores its new surroundings.

3. Secure all electrical outlets:
Think of getting a pet as the same as welcoming a baby home. You must go through all the motions of baby-proofing the home to keep your bundle of joy- in this case, your pet, safe. Ensure all electrical gadgets are out of reach and all wirings are secured to prevent accidental shocks. Since pets are prone to chewing on all they can sink their teeth on, regularly inspect and secure any worn wiring.

4. Stock up on space separators:
Most effective when in their younger ages, blockades help keep your pet away from specific sections of your home where you cannot continuously supervise or where you wish to keep them away from. Ideally, section off areas where you have large machines like the washing machine or dangerous equipment like the kitchen or your bedroom if you wish to restrict pet access.

5. Get particular about cleanliness:
Pets are messy creatures. No training can eliminate their tendency to make a mess. Use lint rollers to get pet hair off furniture and periodically vacuum the floor to eradicate dirt and pet hair accumulation. Keep your indoor trash cans covered to prevent your pet from knocking them down and creating a more significant problem.

6. Make use of furniture covers:
Depending on your pet's activity levels and age, restricting its access to particular sections may be futile. Therefore, it may be better to use preventive accessories like furniture covers that protect your expensive sofas, lounge chairs, tables, and even bed covers when not in use.

7. Create an exclusive pet zone:
We often hoard items to maximise the space in our homes, leaving our pets with minimal space to stretch out. Ensure that you allocate a small area in your house for your pet to play without obstructions.

Before you welcome your pet, check the above parameters to provide it with a safe habitat. Buying house insurance India is a prudent move to cover financial losses that may occur to your shared home. Depending on its coverage, the policy may even cover pet damages to the house. We hope you have a wonderful time with your pet and enjoy seeing it grow.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.