Eight common myths about buying two-wheeler insurance online

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Eight common myths about buying two-wheeler insurance online  05th Sept 2022


The recent sales trends indicate a pickup in demand for two-wheelers in India as the Indian consumers have begun spending at par with pre-pandemic levels. However, Indians continue to undermine the importance of having insurance for their two-wheelers. Although made compulsory by the IRDAI to purchase a long-term third-party insurance plan, many still don't follow the mandate.

With the plethora of online resources available, there is no excuse for delaying insuring your two-wheeler anymore. Most insurance providers have made their services accessible online, making it extremely straightforward to purchase 2 wheeler insurance online.

Read on to debunk eight common myths surrounding purchasing 2 wheeler insurance online.

Myth 1: Purchasing online insurance requires you to be a tech-wiz.
False! It is incredibly effortless to purchase an online insurance plan for your two-wheeler! You only need a stable internet connection, basic vehicle details, and your personal details. Once you choose an appropriate policy on the insurance provider's website, fill up the data, and you will be redirected to the payment gateway.
Upon successful processing, your insurance policy details are emailed to you. It's just that simple! If it appears to be difficult, you can always refer to our simple 5 step guide to help you get the best 2 wheeler insurance online for your vehicle.

Myth 2: Online insurance is expensive when compared to offline.
Online insurance eliminates a middleman's interference, thereby eliminating any additional commission. Your insurance provider also gives further discounts and other benefits when purchasing insurance directly. How much better can it get?

Myth 3: It is complex to switch policies when purchased online.
What does the internet do? It makes things convenient! Purchasing online insurance is the easiest way to switch between plans. Although it is recommended to upgrade your policy rather than switching insurance companies, it is also quite simple if you need to change your insurance.

Myth 4: Making claims on insurance purchased online is challenging.
While the process of claim settlement varies from company to company, it has nothing to do with the mode of buying the insurance policy. The proper documents and proof according to the company's procedure will result in successful claims and reimbursement.

Myth 5: There are very few options to choose from.
Incorrect! With technology, comparison becomes easy, and so does accessing a wide range of options. Your preferred insurance company most likely provides a comparative differentiation between different plans, further simplifying the process.

Myth 6: 2 wheeler insurance online is risky.
Online insurance very clearly states what is included and what's not. It is transparent and comes with no hidden cost. The payment options are also safe and keep your data protected. There is clearly no risk in purchasing online insurance.

Myth 7: Purchasing online insurance leads to data leaks.
If you choose to purchase online insurance, you can rest assured that your personal, vehicle and payment details are in safe hands. All reputed insurance companies do all they can to keep your data safe.

Myth 8: No assistance provided.
Most insurance companies have live chat, email, and customer services options that allow you to get in touch with a professional in case of any queries or issues. Although it is easy to self-navigate through the process, you can still always ask for assistance.

Most myths surrounding online insurance arise from misconceptions. We have attempted to debunk all these misconceptions about buying two-wheeler insurance digitally. The future is digital, and we should be ready to welcome it by taking these small measures of making investments online. Purchasing insurance online is completely safe and provides significant value to your two-wheeler. Without further delay, make the purchase now!

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.