Eight things to know about when travelling with a big group

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Eight things to know about when travelling with a big group  20th December 2021


Visiting new places and destinations is one of the most fulfilling life pleasures you can have. It brings a wave of fresh thoughts and experiences that you’d never receive at home. While some individuals prefer to travel alone, there are several advantages to travelling with companions.

But the downside of a large group journey is that it can often be a trip of regrets if you don't plan it correctly. In this post, we’ve talked about eight great tips for you to follow if you seek an excellent group travel experience.

1. Assign a trip leader:
Having a leader makes so many things so much easier. From planning the itinerary to the hotel bookings, having a single voice for the whole group avoids miscommunications and helps the planning process a lot easier.

2. Distribute the work:
One person can be in charge of logistics, while the other can coordinate for itinerary and other activities among group members. Make the final decision unanimously. This way, everything will be structured, and no one person will bear all the load. After all, it’s a group thing, right!

3. Figure out your finances:
We aren’t talking about tracking expenses; we’ll get to that later. Firstly, figure out the group’s budget for stays, transportation, and meals. By doing this, you can explore many options and packages within your budget.

4. Look for group discounts:
You can unlock a plethora of deals if you're travelling in groups. It’s a winning situation for both the service provider and you. Looking for a stay? Call up the hotel or homestay and ask for group discounts. Booking air tickets? Book for the whole group at once and avail cashback and discounts.

5. Split the expenses the correct way:
The inability to share expenditures can transform an incredible vacation into a tax audit in no time. Nowadays, applications are available on smartphones that allow you to manage the splits and contributions smartly.

6. Schedule some YOU Time:
Remember, you're not obliged to do everything with the group just because you're travelling together. Get out and explore what matters to you the most. Encourage others to practice it as well; it will release you from the tension of being together always and make up for an exciting dinner talk when everyone gets back together.

7. Communicate:
Make sure that everyone in the pact is aware of the entire itinerary. Ascertain that everyone is aware of the stay's location and name. Set up a group text or some other method of assuring that the group can communicate with each other at all times.

8. Not everyone can be happy:
With numerous personalities, there will always be some people who aren't entirely agreeing with others, no matter how hard you try. It’s okay. This is part of group travel and going through it is also an experience of its kind. Find a way to tackle the inconvenience unanimously.

Additional Tips:

• Get in touch with a travel agent to make arrangements easier.

• Try including the people in your group who make life better and not challenging.

• Keep your general insurance plans (travel) updated. Encourage other group members to have a general insurance plan which provides financial protection during the trip.

• Opt-out of the group activities that you don't like.

• It’s a vacation, not a group project. Ease out and relax.

You'll be able to appreciate that quality time together even more now that you know how to arrange a trip for the pact. Those unbroken moments of connection are priceless in today's close yet so far digital environment. Go out and Live!

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.