Enjoy the mesmerising experience of watching fireflies near Mumbai

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Enjoy the mesmerising experience of watching fireflies near Mumbai  20th June 2022


Did you know that fireflies glow in the dark to attract their mate and give out an honest evolutionary symbol that their babies are foul-tasting? Foul-tasting or not, these beetles have been attracting people for a long time.

People look up in fascination when these creatures dance in multitudes, trying to attract a partner from the opposite sex. So, whether you're trying to have a romantic getaway with your partner, trying to have a memorable trip with your family, or need some peace to meditate with nature, going to a place where you can see these stunning creatures at night is just the right vacation for you.

Back in our grandparent's stories, fireflies would be abundantly seen at the onset of every monsoon, busy attracting their mates. But due to the fairly recent change in the global climate, it's very rare to see this sight in cities. Here are 04 top destinations to see these mesmerising creatures.

1. Purushwadi:

Purushwadi is the most famous destination by far. It has been successfully holding a fireflies festival for many years. A tribal village situated about 200 km from Mumbai in the Western Ghats, one gets to experience the quaint village life along with the magic of the homestays and delicious food.
This has been made possible by local NGOs that work in rural tourism. It is a perfect getaway for city dwellers who want to experience peaceful rural life. It is easily accessible from Mumbai, taking about 05 hours by car.

2. Rajmachi:

As we welcome the season's first showers, one of the most exciting things this monsoon is to go on a night trek to Rajmachi fort. The Rajmachi Fort is about a 16 km trek from the Lonavala station, and you can spot fireflies after sunset.
The Shrivardhan and Manaranjan forts offer stunning views of the valley, making it a popular destination among trekkers. The surrounding Sahyadri ranges are perfect for spotting fireflies. Another brilliant spot for experiencing this is around the Udhewadi village.

3. Mulshi Lake:

At a small distance of 50 km from Mumbai, Mulshi is a beautiful village that boasts peace and serenity like nowhere else. Mulshi is a scenic beauty with a plethora of sights, like waterfalls, rugged cliffs, green forests, and meandering hiking paths.
In these emerald green forests is the firefly display around Mulshi lake. Spend overnight at the local homestay, experience the fireflies show, and explore the area at night.

4. Sandhan Valley:

Sandhan Valley is a stunning carved valley with a 200 feet drop in the Western Ghats. Known as the valley of shadows, it consists of a deep narrow, floored ravine between the two high walls of a mountain range.
The commuting route is practically the same as Purushwadi, but from Igatpuri, one must head towards Samrad village. To get a local flavour out of the trip, try to get a villager to accompany you on the trek and make simple arrangements with them for food. For a few years, villagers have been providing travellers with tents to see the fireflies.

This experience is sure to be a rewarding one for enthusiastic travellers. Seeing these bioluminescent creatures in their natural habitat will surely be a treat to the eyes, mind, and soul. These destinations are close to Mumbai and Pune, both bustling and hectic cities. It is best to drive up there or take a local train. The roads often leading to these destinations are narrow and rocky terrains.

If you are considering driving up there, you must look out for the rough patches. Before moving out on a trip, whether long or just a short one, always ensure that you carry all the car's documents. Seat belts must be on, and if driving at night, drive slowly! Also, get the best car insurance before starting a new driving exploration!

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.