Essential post workout tips for the fitness enthusiasts

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Essential post-workout tips for the fitness enthusiasts  20th June 2022


Exercising is something that no one should ever compromise on. And if you are someone who religiously works out, you are already better than the sixty-four percent population of the country. But exercising is not any random daily task that you need to tick from your to-do list. It is a strict health practice that demands your time and dedication.

Exercise has stages that usually are overlooked. Ask any fitness enthusiast, and they will tell you pre-and post-workout care is as essential as the workout. The pre-workout phase includes a warm-up session. This is needed to warm up your body and get your muscles ready for a round of the extensive workout. Warm-ups before exercise avoid injuries that can later turn fatal. But, what do you do after your workout is done?

This article will take a detailed look at everything you can do post-workout to ensure optimum functionality and maximum results for your body.

1. Hydration:

Drinking too much water right after your workout is unsuitable for your body. Instead, it shocks the body with a sudden temperature change. Due to this sudden temperature change, the body uses energy to heat the water, which can slow down the rehydration process. Instead, take small sips after every set of exercises.

2. Stretching:

Stretching is an often-ignored part of workout routines. It takes barely 05-10 minutes. However, if you are running short on time, you can stretch on the go. You can easily do stretching such as lunge walking, overhead stretches, bicep stretches, side bends, etc., as you walk to the exit gates of the gym.
Stretching enhances flexibility and decreases muscle soreness after a high-intensity workout. If you miss out on stretches, it can lead to severe back pain and muscle soreness.

3. Restore your proteins:

Protein helps in muscle repair. You can obtain your daily protein intake from various sources such as eggs, curd, paneer, etc. Protein powders and supplements can be consumed as an add-on.
The amino acids in protein act as building blocks, essential for the repair and regeneration of muscles. Protein intake also helps with soreness that might follow the subsequent day after a heavy workout.

4. Include nutrient rich food:

Add a balanced and nutrient-rich meal to your post-workout diet for growth and recovery. Include foods with high content of vitamins, fibres, minerals, and carbohydrates for a well-rounded meal. For carbohydrates, you can opt for oats, rice, millets, etc.
Add spinach, beans, and cabbage for added fibre and nutrient content. Snacking on nuts is a smart way to ensure the intake of healthy fats, which are key ingredients to reducing inflammation.

5. Rest and Recovery:

If you practice heavy workouts, the general rule dictates that you should give your body a break of forty-eight hours weekly. Take the weekends off and indulge in light cardio such as walking, running, cycling, etc. Do not forget to add stretching to your rest days.
Our body is constantly communicating with us about what it needs. Listen to your body and take notice of the small changes that your body is responding to. Avoid straining if you feel like there is a possible chance of injury.

These are tips you can follow to ensure that your efforts and fitness enthusiasm do not go to waste. As mentioned above, overdoing exercises to the point of exhaustion can have severe implications. Always follow a routine under the guidance of a professional to avoid injuries and fatigue.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.