Events when your Marine Cargo insurance claim gets rejected

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Events when your Marine Cargo insurance claim gets rejected  27th Nov 2019

With the continuous rise in international trade, the volume of marine cargo is also increasing. Marine cargo has always been and will be an important component of international trade. With more and more businesses opting to transport their goods through marine cargo, the market is on the rise for shipping companies. This increase in business also increases the importance of having a comprehensive marine cargo insurance policy.

Irrespective of the fact how simple you might think a marine cargo insurance policy is, several claims get rejected every year due to one reason or another. You must, therefore, immediately take the necessary steps to ensure that your insurance claim does not meet the same fate.

Here is a list of the events when your marine cargo insurance claim can get rejected and how you can avoid them.

  • 1. Insurance policy is not proper: - Not all marine cargo insurance policies cover for all types of damages. This is why you must have a comprehensive marine cargo insurance policy. If your policy does not cover the damage for which you have filed a claim, your claim will get rejected. Moreover, any changes in the constitution of your assignment or cargo might also lead to this rejection. You must, therefore, review for policy periodically and get it updated as and when required.
  • 2. Mistakes in filing the claim: - Whether you have failed to file your claim within the requisite period or have filled the claim form incorrectly or have filed a claim under a wrong policy, the marine insurance companies will not hesitate in rejecting your application. Even, if they do not dismiss the claim outright, they might delay it for many days. Therefore, you must give this responsibility to an expert who has successfully filed such claims in the past. 
  • 3. Mishandling of goods: - If you have not packed the goods correctly or your personnel has been mishandling them, then the insurance claims filed thereon will be rejected by the insurer. You must, therefore, ensure proper packaging and careful handling of the goods on your vessel. 
  • 4. Perishable Goods: - Even if your insurance policy specifies that losses suffered due to delays will be compensated, it does not cover damages caused to goods of perishable nature. You must, therefore, check with your insurance company if such goods are covered under the policy or not, before accepting them. 
  • 5. Negligent Maintenance: - If you have not been paying attention to the maintenance of your vessel, marine insurance companies will certainly reject your claim. As your vessel will be plying in rough waters as well, so the chances of it suffering from damages are very high. These damages must be repaired as soon as possible to ensure the safety of the personnel as well as the cargo. You must, therefore, ensure that your vessel undergoes regular maintenance and follows safety and standard operating procedures. You should also keep a log of the repair and maintenance work carried out on the vessel, as it will help with your claim later on.

You must therefore carefully assess your needs, discuss them with your marine insurance company and only then subscribe to a comprehensive

marine cargo insurance policy

that caters to all your requirements.