Everything you need to know while insuring your old bike

Everything you need to know while insuring your old bike  30th June 2022

The craze for new things never dies out. You might ride your new bike or car more, and eventually, your old bike starts getting dust all over it. But you can't just let it sit there and slowly rust and get damaged to the point where it would be a huge pain to repair the damages, maintain and get it serviced regularly. There can be various risks and damages your old bike might go through over time.

But why is it essential to ensure that your old bike is up and running? Well, there could be multiple scenarios where old bikes may come in handy. You could land up in an emergency and might not have your new vehicle at that point. Or you could get stuck with the new car if it does not start up and you must urgently be somewhere. These situations will make you realise why it was an excellent decision to keep it up to date, maintained, damage-free, and keep up with its insurance.

This blog will discuss everything you need to know while insuring your old bike. All this information will provide context when you meet up with your insurance company officials or apply for insuring your old motorcycle online.

1. You need to be aware of the depreciation:

When your vehicle gets old, its original value depreciates over time. If it's more than a year, but under two years, the actual value depreciates by ten percent. The bike's value further declines by almost fifteen percent and more, depending on the manufacturing year.
This also varies as you compare one insurance company's list of depreciated values to the others. The primary point here is to make sure that you know what the vehicle is worth by consulting an expert or researching a bit about the current market value on your own.

2. Be mindful about renewals:

It would help if you were careful about renewal dates while purchasing third-party two-wheeler insurance for your old bike. This insurance does not grant you any grace period for your insurance renewals. Even if you realise your renewal payment is due a day later, the third-party two-wheeler insurance for your old bike will be considered null and void. But you can escape this trouble by buying comprehensive two wheeler insurance online India for your old bike. This type of insurance grants you a grace period of thirty days. The renewal of your insurance policy can only be completed after a thorough inspection of your old bike that is to be insured. To ensure you avail of all the benefits of the policy, please renew it timely.

3. What happens to the premium:

Since your old bike's market value has depreciated, you do not have to worry about sky-high premiums. Your premium rates would be determined according to the value of your bike. But this does have a side effect. You will be subject to lower IDV-Insured Declared Value which derives the assured amount you will get from the insurance based on the asset (in this case-the bike) in case of loss or theft. The compensation would be pretty low since your premiums and the value of your bike is already depreciated.

Other factors you need to include are the add-on benefits, the engine capacity, and the best premiums without diminishing the features of your policy cover.

Be it an old bike or new; you need to get two wheeler insurance to protect your motorcycle against mishaps. You can explore all your options and purchase the best two wheeler insurance online in India to serve your needs. Insurance firms are adapting to technological advancements and moving towards the online revolution. You may also reduce the physical and mental stress of buying insurance the traditional way by purchasing two wheeler insurance online India.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.