Everything you should know about bike insurance in India

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Everything you should know about bike insurance in India    26th August 2019

If you own a vehicle, most likely it’s a bike. A two-wheeler is most people’s first choice due to the low price and easier upkeep. The latter, however, is something that is not always true. Even a small accident, due to your or someone else’s error, can lead to a hefty bill. So, does that mean two-wheelers aren’t as economical as we thought?

It can be if you have the right two-wheeler 2 wheeler insurance in India.

Not only is a two-wheeler insurance mandatory by the government, it is also the best way to ensure owning and riding a motorcycle doesn’t become a burden. While breakdowns and accidents aren’t always avoidable, you can plan ahead for when you find yourself in a sticky situation.

Kinds of plans available 

To break it down, there are mainly two kinds of insurance plans available for two-wheelers. One is the third-party liability only insurance which is mandatory for all motor vehicles and the other one is thecomprehensive insurance which protects you and your vehicle as well.One should always go for the latter because not only does it cover your liabilities to the other party in case of an accident, but also your medical bills and biker repair costs.

How important is it?

You might be a terrific rider but can you be sure about everybody else on the road? A comprehensive insurance, in that case, is your best bet for protecting your finances.Your policywill not onlyhelp yourecover the costs of repair but also your medical bills. But the benefits of atwo-wheeler insurance don’t end here.It can also protect you against theft and send you help if your motorcycle breaks down in the middle of nowhere.

What does our truth lens say?

As mentioned earlier, you should always opt for a comprehensive insurance because it covers more than just the third-party liabilities. Apart from this, you should also check how extensive is the insurance provider’s network of service centres and garages.A large network means you are more likely to find one around you for cashless repair.

Another factor to keep in mind is to check the claims ratio of the company. It essentially means how many claims the provider has settled out of the total number of claims made. And of course, you should look for which plan offers most benefits. For instance, Magma HDI’s two-wheeler insurance covers your motorcycle against damage due to fire and explosion, damage in transit, natural disasters and even theft. 

Where to get it?
This is an easy one as most vehicles usually offer you insurance at the time of purchase itself. But make sure you go through the offerings properly. You can also check out Magma HDI to find the right plan for yourself to 

renew bike insurance

 or buy bike insurance online in India.